I’d have to say that there are a lot of male geeks, its a man thing. Especially computery stuff, you just dont hear about it much at all.

You just dont see that many female geeks around (maybe they stay hidden?!) and even less girl geek bloggers.

There are loads of girly blogs, but tbh they dont interest me in the slightest, except Laurens of course, but i’d like to see a girls perspective on the geek things that matter, the differnces or similaritys.

Do they love the Logitech G5 as much as we do?
Do they start day dreaming at the thought of a Quadcore CPU?

I’ve never really known a true geek girl, but never met a woman who knew or liked geeky things to the same extent as me.

So i’m calling out you geeky girly bloggers, link me up, lets see if there truely is such a thing as a girl geek.

Also i think you should prove your geekiness too, although i dont really know how… Suprise me!


22 thoughts on “GeekGirls?”

  1. Maybe you should run an X-Factor-esque show to find them, surely they must exist…

    On my Computing course, there is one girl… in my tutor group… and the entire year actually I think…

    Well thats just odd :S

  2. I had an AC/DC circuit analysis class that was taught by a woman in college. She knew how to do pretty much anything tech related, loved Star Trek, computers, video games, you name it.

    Cool lady.

  3. I love all that is computers and gadgets. So yes, Geeky Girls do exist. lol I am livin proof of just how a geeky a girl can get lol. I have to say Logitech G5 is a great mouse. I have seem them, but have not tired one just yet.

  4. Geek girls definitely do exist; two of my housemates fall into that category, I guess; though, they usually don’t usually seem to be quite as interested in techy things as I am. Actually, one of them is actually watching the IT Crowd now, though… so, that must count for something.

    The coloured iBook thing looks neat; it’s too bad they’re so pricey.

  5. I’ve seen a really geeky girl at students’ computer club at my university. She would have laughed at that computer. She has a regular dark gray Dell or something, with Linux on it, just like most oher people around there.
    And if it wasn’t for her voice and her body you wouldn’t think of here as girl. In fact I think most people there think of here as a “person” rather than a “girl”.

  6. i go to an all girls sixth form college and am currently the only on there who knows the difference between a PC and a MAC!
    i am slowly educating my friends on the difference between operating systems and stuff like that!
    but most of the time it just goes right over their heads! im still learning myself really, everday there seems to be something new to learn and im trying to catch up as quickly as possible, like reading blogs like this and others.
    but i dont really think that im that geeky girl, not that geeky is a bad thing, its just that persoanlly i don’t think i know enough to be considered a geek really, but i do love technology!

  7. So, I had to make a comment for this post.

    I’m a geek girl who blogs about games (mainly) and whatever else techy that makes me happy. I’ve only just gotten my blog up after thinking about doing it for a few months, but there’ll be more stuff coming after my break.

    I’ve got you linked, actually ;)

  8. I am a girl, and my blog is called techbee….I don’t want to know how a program runs, what’s inside a computer. Just surfing, and blogging, but in an addictive way; I suppose it’s just like the dawn of the motor age. Men dove into it (hormones?), girls first learnt how to drive before really getting their hands in the motorparts. Give it a couple of years. As for the attention span bit (previous post) Yahoo Research is researching it hard. Have a look at Bradley Horowitz’s blog at yahoo. it’s called Elatable.

  9. Hmm…Andrew my friend, I wanted to post about this but you beat me. ;) Good post. I have seen it everywhere – Few, very few girls are even interested in Geeks and out of that only 1% can be classified as geeks. While atleast 50% of the bloggers are girls, most of those blogs are in LJ, Myspace and are NOT Blogs.

    And there are no serious girl bloggers around, most of them blog just for Personal stuff!

  10. I’ve been adding and deleting links quite a bit recently, like i said in my short attention spam post, i’ve been bouncing around the net a lot.

    Lots of people have asked me to add them to their blogroll and tbh the only 3 i read regular on it are laurens, mikes and rappys.

    I didnt want it getting to long either, but if it means that much to you i can add you again, please dont take it offensivly tho, i just felt like a bit of a change!

  11. Chrono Chr@cker– MANY of us love geeks, including myself.

    And who really wants to be a serious blogger anyway? Not me. I get more than enough of that at work:

    3 a.m.
    developer: “the server crashed!”
    me: “which server?”
    developer: “I don’t know! but it’s PRODUCTION!”
    me: “do you know the named instance or database perhaps?”
    developer: “no!”
    me: “app login?”
    developer: “no! wait! Maybe it’s on XXXXX!”
    me: “I’m not seeing any problems on that box. Memory looks good, CPU looks good….”
    developer: “maybe it’s XXXX, or whatever it’s called!”

    and so it goes ad nauseum.

    I think a lot of “girl geeks” just like to leave work at work…

  12. Am most definitely a geeky girl (Who blogs! albeit only very occasionally), there’s just no denying it, unfortunately. I just stumbled across your blog while searching for “gaming dual screenwallpapers”, heh. Anyways, will definitely be blogrolling you and coming back. :D (My blog is still in a state of being ‘organised’ properly after months of neglect!)

  13. Is there something nearly such as geek gals. Really i see lots of gals replying here but as you(atariboy) said i dont think any of them dream of quadcore CPU’s. And as alll the gals say they dont get time to blog do they think we also have no other work and sit idle we dont but we manage time to blog. I guess atariboy is right there are no geek gals in real terms

  14. wow. I hate the stance some of you guys take on these issues. especially comment 18. sorry that I didn’t have time to “prove” myself in the post I made above; but I was enjoying my week off from college/work.

    I may not dream of CPUs, but I *do* dream about things like how to make gaming more interactive…to do things like user-decisions driving character development.

  15. I was having a horribly busy day when making my comment too, so let me reiterate my geekiness now, as there seem to be doubters as to the existence of geeky girls. *looks shocked*

    I’m on a Computer Engineering degree, definitely dream of Quadcore CPU’s, I’m developing a MMORPG (yep), am a compulsive gamer, love Ubuntu, am a pen&paper roleplayer and wargamer, the list just goes on I’m afraid. Most of my geekyness is just so integrated into my life I’m not even aware of it half the time!

    And Logitech G5? Pfft, I have a Razer Copperhead. ;)

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