Short Web Attention Span

Recently i have noticed my attention span on the interweb getting shorter and shorter, regular website that i read everyday seem boring to me, even my faithful Inquirer has started to seem a little dull.

I’ve noticed this happen a few times before, but never at the rate it is at the moment.

I used to check Shacknews, Hard|OCP, Hexus, filehippo ans quite a few others and although they were updated daily i kind of jsut got bored of them after a while and stopped checking.

But the past few weeks its gotten really bad, i’ve even gone off and im starting to get bored of blogmad.

The only 2 sites i check religiously are my flickr and my blog. I know i’ve been busy with my project, but i still have the time to blog and browse, i just thing that maybe im getting bored of the interweb slightly, or at least many of the traditional sites where predictable news and stories, if i ever want to find something i jsut google it from firefox.

Its like i’m just bouncing around the net picking things up as i go, i much prefer to write a blog post or do something creative rather than read the same pages over.

At the moment I’d much prefering to learn a new type of programming or try out some software rather than hear spin about a graphics card or news of a new apple product i cant afford.

My tastes are changing, i dont think i will ever stop using the internet, but im using it in a different way to what i used to, more of a means of communication rather than news, maybe its like Atariboy2.0?

Is anyone else feeling this boredom with their regular sites or am i just going crazy?


20 thoughts on “Short Web Attention Span”

  1. I’ve been feeling the same way about the internet lately. Everything has just become boring and pointless to constantly check everday. The only thing I check now is my blog, and I hardly check that at all either. IM is the only thing that I truely use daily.

    I’m just gonna blame it on internet burnout. I’ll guess that its just a phase.

  2. Well although I’m not bored with my regular sites, I tend to agree with the blog and flickr things I tend to check my regular blogs and the IT crowd flickr regularly, and they tend to take up most of my browsing time t be honest :)

  3. Well, this happened to me a while ago….. and i’m better off for it. I went from only reading engadget, bit-tech, etc,– learning about the latest hardware and wondering how i could mod my “leet” computer — to sitting around reading tutorials and wondering what the gcc errors meant. I went from windows to linux. Enough said.

  4. congrats lucky boy. I bet I read your every thought for the next year as you try to was thousands of extra credits. PS, my blog was created with the intent to bore you. stop on by and tell me how much it sucks like everyone else does.

  5. Simple solution…
    Just let your RSS feeds fill up the inbox to several hundred and delete them all.

    Get away from The world of computing for a few days and find a non-computer based hobby, est aside enough time away from the computer, and if your getting bored go do something else and come back the to computer later to do a different computer related task.


  6. Oh, and the Floppy and Serial port?
    i’ve got a shelf full of Floppy drives, and i had to get up to have a look if i had a serial port, never use the thing!.
    (Yep.. its there.. taking up some valuble real-estate too.. hmm theres 2 here.. :P)


  7. maybe it’s a lack of connection to the real world, that is, offline life, that sometimes gives the whole net experience a surreal quality that can become like a reality TV show or a movie we’re watching or even an experience that we are not sure was a dream or real… or maybe I’m just overanalyzing our of boredom :)

  8. I’ve been feeling that way sometimes myself. Pretty often I’ve been lacking access to the internets and the intarwebs, which has given me a feeling that kinda is the other side of that coin. I’ve been all nervous wanting to get back to school to check things out. But I’ve just had to cope with it, and do other things with my computer.
    My advice for you is to sit down one night and do some programming and pull out your network cable, so you have no internet access, and see what happens. Or cut the cable and buy a new one the next day so you can’t cheat. Or do it for a full weekend. That’ll do the trick!

  9. I do enjoy not having the internet sometimes, i’ve lost it for a number of weekends and the computer becomes quite a different thing.

    I program, i play single player story driven games, i rip and convert films, i have a play with linux liveCDs and alost everytime i have lost the net i have re-installed windows.

    The only bad thing is that i dont have a landline phone and never have any credit on my mobile, without msn or skype i cant talk to anyone unless they phone me, in that sense i feel very disconnected and miss it a lot.

    Serial port wise, you guys might not need it but how am i sposed to program a microcontroller over a serial connection without one!!
    And i have a floppy too, just for my RAID0 drivers so i can install Windows XP.

    P.S I won the Blogmad lottery :)

  10. I don’t have a floppydrive :P No need for it, those things suck anyway. I have 2 pc’s, one has 1 and the other has 2 serial ports and I need those, no way to configure a Cisco router through it’s console connection without a serial port… Serial ports rock!

    Anyway, I don’t think you’re going crazy, I have that all the time, I visit a site daily for a while, get bored of it and stop visiting it… After a while I visit it again and it all starts over.

  11. With my lo-phi phetish, I couldn’t make if my computer didn’t have a floppy drive, serial and parallell port. The Parallell port is also good for making your own projects, cause I’m to lazy/cheap to buy an AVR… :)

  12. Hell!
    I never even read the whole posting!

    I know what you mean though…
    It’s all “skim, skim, skim, hover, skim, skim, move on” these days.

    Information overload!

  13. I’ve felt the same thing. I think it’s just “maturing” in computer tastes. Consider yourself a true geek (in a good way!) now–rather than read spin or flamewars, you’d rather learn something productive. Nothing wrong with that.

  14. Thats a great way of looking at it alex!

    Today i think i have looked at flickr, my blog, digg and thats about it for my regular sites.

    But i have been looking into Ruby on Rails quite a bit and browsing information about it.

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