Atari Dualscreen Wallpaper

I just made myself a new wallpaper for my dual screens and i thought i would share it with the world, you can see some faint edges, but i only did it quickly so i’m not to bothered, feel free to editing it yourself if it gets on your nerves, or if you want to add some cool filter effects, i’d like to see that.

Infact why not link me up some of your homemade or current wallpapers in the IT Crowd Flickr Group?

And here is a shot of it on my dualscreens, although its dark and my camera is not great so it looks pretty awful!


14 thoughts on “Atari Dualscreen Wallpaper”

  1. thanks for all your kind comments, i think im going to make some more dual monitor wallpapers over easter, there is a definate lack of them.

    Maybe a firefox one next :P

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