Nothing much to blog about

Today has been the first day in months where i haven’t really got much specific to blog about, i have again been doing project and coursework until its coming out of my ears, i cant wait until april so i can relax for a few days before i start my revision.

I downloaded and had a play with a Kororaa LiveCD, which has XGL enabled on it, and i love it.

If you havnt heard of XGL, its like a desktop rendered in OpenGL, so you get all the power and graphical effects that you get in games, but on your desktop, some of the features include transparent windows, video and games, sqaushy jelly like windows when you move them around and you can make them sticky so they cling to other windows and the edge of the screen too.

And then there are the virutal desktops, which puts 4 desktops on a 3D cube which can be spun around, much like switching users in Mac OSX. All of this also works for video and games too.

A lot of the functions are jsut for show, although the virtual desktops could be very useful,but whats wrong with a nice looking desktop, if you have the graphics power (about the same needed to play Couterstrike: Source) then try it out, lots of information @, i believe that XGL will also be included in the final verison of the next Ubuntu release code named Dapper Drake, which is prolly the one im going to install after my project is finished, for my first proper dive into linux.

Thanks for all your feedback on my initial Business card design, i have taken it in and made a new one in photoshop this time:

I also mad a little banner to for blogmad advertising on photoshop:

And that is about all i have done today, i’m sure i will have something interesting to say tomorrow :P


11 thoughts on “Nothing much to blog about”

  1. Ah, I noticed that. First I thought it was because of wp’s server troubles. Then I checked back once every hour just to see nothing. You deserve a break!

  2. Atariboy,

    Thankyou for the invite to BlogMad. The only problem I have is that you are this big new blogger all over the place and coincidentally you are a lotto winner and now have a fancy new advert all over the place on the BlogMad site. Is this a blog conspiracy or a coincidence?

    StrangeNights – The weird side of the web.

  3. Is it all over the place? I have adblock on so i never i see it, unfortunatly i am not part of a blog conspiracy that i know about , i asked one of the developers if the lottery was rigged because it seemed like a more than a coincidence to me as well.

    But he (Rush) said no, if it was rigged i would have won a lot less credits, because winning this much has removed the need for me to surf at all any more. and there would not have been a roll over either!

    Also i only just today put up a banner after improving my photoshop knowledge, and i guess because i have so many credits it gets shown a lot.

  4. In my opinion, I like the earlier one. White & Clean.

    Btw, I’ve been a visitor and I found the links on flickr toys. Neato.

  5. I do like the pixelated Aliens too :)

    I’ve changed my Business card design again!!

    This time is going to be on tiny square printable CDs, i better order them soon.

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