Crash and Burn

Sorry for not posting yesterday, my coursework took priorty over the blog, and i didnt get a chance to look at the internet so i didnt really have much to write about either.

I finished my business coursework and handed it in today, and i feel much more relaxed. I now have a week and a half to concentrate solely on my project.

Last night i was busy coding a program for gary which allows control, calibrate and test up to 16 servos connected to a usb or serial servo controller, i was very proud of it and want to add more features and release it as a full piece of software after the projects are finished. I cant wait until gary finishes building his Robot and we can test it out properly and make it walk and dance and jump!

I’ve also made myself yet another logo (I can’t stop playing around in photoshop), i’m really not into using the atari logo or game images for the t-shirt, for one thing i dont want copyright to be an issue and i want it to be more individual and less of a leech off the popularity of Atari, tbh i had never played on one for more than an hour until this week… oops i’ve said too much!

Thanks very much to CrazyBarbour and his great guide, i have managed to set up a Typo blog for testing. You can check it out here: Atariboy Testing

I really like the typo blog engine, it runs on Ruby on Rails, so your webhost needs to support it if you want to install it like Dreamhost. Its very smooth and dynamic and there are loads of very good looking themes at the TypoGarden.

I’m not going to be leaving wordpress myself, this is likely to become Laurens new blog, for all her pictures and thoughts.

Talking of dynaminc webpages, here is a tutorial page full of tasty javascript bits and pieces you can add to your site to make it look more funky.

On the business card front, i have had better feedback from the new design, but i may be changing it again over the weekend. Im considering buying some Business Card CDs which i can print on at home and burn my own CV and small website on with an external link to my blog and websites.

I’ve been looking around a lot at other web companies logos and designs recently, and i happened to stumble across, which is a t-shirt site with some of the best designs i have seen since Threadless. They are also the sole printers of the very limited edition Songbird T-shirts, who by the way have released verison 0.11b which has fixed a lot of the bugs and improve the stababilty of the concept release. Download mirrors here.

Not much else to report at the moment, unfortunatly my blog is going to have to take a backseat for another week or so, due to project work, although there are more details and entries in the Logo competition coming over the weekend..

…. Watch this space


5 thoughts on “Crash and Burn”

  1. the robot does look very promising, and well done on gettin all those servos running, was an impressive site to see. this site is better for tee’s :

    oh and one more thing. HMMMMM i wonder what the comp prize cud be (he says sarcastically)

  2. Thanks for the mention. :D and the Blogmad credits you sent me.
    Loving the new logo, simple but stylish.
    I know *i think* what the prize will be.
    Typo is very good yea, not many ppl using it compared to WordPress, I think, but there are many good themes and plugins available for it. Altho I too think i will stay with wordpress for now.

    Nitro – why would you be angry, the bacon design is gd, and everyone loves bacon afterall.

  3. I can say I’m a bit irritated about your comment on your logo not being anything to do with the Atari game platform, as I and several others have put in quite a bit of time in our logos. You could of at least warned us first.

    Neverless I’m going to put in another logo soon.

  4. Sorry Tony, i just didnt expect every logo to be Atari related.

    I want to be able to use the logo on t-shirts and my website and i dont want to have to worry about being sued.

    I only started thinking this last week, i didnt know at the start of the competition.

    Sorry for causing any problems.

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