Lazy Computing

I am lazy, theres no doubt about that. I’d much prefer to go to kfc down the road then go food shopping and save myself a few pounds, i like to laze around the house rather than go to the beach. I’m just like every other student…. Lazy!!

But i only just realised that i’m a lazy computer user as well.

I was reading through a blog about how someone was reading too many feeds and felt like he was wasting his time, it got me thinking.. “Why arn’t i am having this issues?”

Oh yeah, i dont read feeds! This isnt because i dont want to know what everyone else writes on their blogs, or that i dont follow news, its that im too lazy!

I’ve automated so much on my computer, just so that i dont have to do it. Here are a few things its does automatically:

  • TuneUp Utilities cleans up my system once a day,
  • Diskeeper Defrags my HDD once a week,
  • GTalk opens itself on start up and stays open all day on my second screen,
  • I’ve made a toolbar on my taskbar which links straight to all my TV shows and films,
  • I have a number of shortcuts to my commonly used folders on my desktop,
  • Flickr Uploadr for putting pictures on the web at the click of a right button,
  • Volume and itunes controls on my G15 keyboard as well as the time on the LCD,
  • ATItool overclocks my PC when ever it detects a game, and then slows it down when i exit,
  • and Firefox clears its cache and history once a day.

And in there lies a problem, i like everything to be smooth and quick with the minimal amount of clicks so the only RSS reader i wanted to use was Sage (a RSS reader extension), but everytime firefox cleared its history it also reset sage so that old stories came up as new ones. After about a week of this i got annoyed with going thru trying to find out which were new stories and which were old, so i just removed it and stopped reading feeds.

I did that about 5 months ago and i have never gone back to feeds.

I think this is also why i’ve stopped checking so many sites every day, it just takes too much effort! And i feel guilty for doing it. If something becomes too repetative, i either automate it or remove it. Many programs have gone the way of the uninstall because of that including Gaim, Thunderbird and Picasa/Photoshop Elements.

I’ve also seen it in in blogging, for about a month i put technorati tags at the bottom of every post, which involved copying a bit of HTML code and then changing a few words, but i never noticed any increase in hits, or even technorati taking any notice of these tags so i stopped doing it.

I guess this could be seen as me being picky with the software or sites i use, but i think its more a case of the operations that i’m picky with.

Why perform maintainence on your pc when it can do it while your making a cup of tea?
Why check your emails when Gtalk will tell you if you get one when your doing other things?
Why read RSS feeds if you not to bothered about them anyways?

I tend to use the net as if i have never seen it before, i have very few regular sites and so i just go looking for things that interest me rather than waiting for a handful of sites to post that thing.

Maybe its lazy, maybe its being more efficent, all i know is that i cant be bothered with feeds!


15 thoughts on “Lazy Computing”

  1. I’m the same way. If it weren’t for stumble, I’d probably never see other websites that I didn’t google for. It amazes me that we have so much more information out there, but I never remember to look for it. It’s just easier to stick with what I have set up. Humans are funny creatures, eh? :-)

  2. Andrew,

    Very efficient i would say, but definately not lazy.

    I agree about reading feeds, it gets really old, really fast. I tried Sage, but also have Firefox clear all on exit so as you say, it is not as useful.

    Here is something to try for fun, if you’ve not spidered there yet.

    Grazr, a feed grazer. You can graze RSS or OPML lists. They currently are in alpha phase and have a Grazr sandbox demo you can try. You can also get the javascript for your own site, but because of access, obviously not on sites. :)

  3. Stumble is cool, I get my feeds, 2 gmail accounts and my work email in Thunderbird. That’s pretty much it for my ‘temporal optimization techniques’.

  4. Just because I have a blog having that orange little RSS icon means I’m blogging and connected to the WWW like everyone else. I don’t really care what makes it so special but then again, it’s like part of a blog.


  5. I was reading an atricle today about how good programmers are lazy, because they will make programs to make everything easy.

    I think im going to say that in my next job interview… “I’m Lazy, but thats a good thing!”

  6. You are definitely one lazy goose Andrew. :D

    Anyways, I’d recommend Bloglines. It’s really a one-stop stop for all the blogs & sites that you follow and some excellent features are being offered. If you wanna see what’s goin on in other blogs and continue being lazy, use bloglines. :P I read RSS like hell and wrote a couple of stuff yesterday.

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