Sunday Afternoon Links

I’d had a pretty productive day today.

Got up early for the first time in ages, cleaned my room out properly for the first time in ages too. Then spent a few hours making my program much more efficent and smooth. By using a couple of cheeky methods i managed to save 300 lines of code and make it much easier to extend too.

I tried out Firefox 2.0 earlier this morning, this was a pre-alpha release so i didnt expect too much from it, and didnt get too much either, the history and bookmark sections have been improved and it seemed suprisingly stable for an alpha build, should see more features and a new theme/UI coming in the next couple weeks.
You can download the nightly builds here, although you do so at your own risk of breaking things.

Comaboy gave me 4 bottles of my favourite drink, Slate, for helping him out with some programming on his project, which is coming along nicely, i cant wait to play with it.

I’m enjoying Gtalk more and more, tonight i will be uninstalling MSN, then we will see how people communicate with me, if anyone else is trying it out this week, and i think you should (its great), here are a number of tips and tricks.

Tomorrow marks the 1 week left until my open day week starts, so i will be coding in all of my free time, although i should have more time for blogging than last week.

Laurens been taking photos again, i love her photography, especially the lone tree, she wants some critisism and feedback on here photos tho, so she can improve and learn from it, give it to her here on her Deviantart page.


A huge, very indepth Apple Vs Microsoft Debate. A really good read with loads of links and videos you might not have seen before.

InkScape – Basically a free open source version of Adobe Illustrator, great for vector graphics.

MediaCoder – An open source Media Encoder, very useful for changing video formats and completly free too. – Links and guides to putting pretty much every type of software you need on a USB stick so you can take your programs with you as well as your files.

Paul Stamatiou’s Blog – A flickr contact of mines blog, i hear its very popular, here is his flickr too.

2 more Andrew Nesbitts!! What are the chances of that!?

I’ve joined a few more geeky groups on flickr including:

  • Daily Screens – “Upload a screenshot from your pc every day”
  • Geek.Shirts – All kinds of geeky t-shirts.
  • Geek Porn – Pictures to make you drool. (Nothing explict here tho)

Someone also got on the Digg front page with 8 dualscreen desktops taken from my flickr, cheeky bastard!

If you have a Dual screen setup, you might want to check this site for all kinds of useful stuff, including Dualscreen screensavers.

Geek and a Halfs view on Vista, some really nice screenshots there.

C#, .Net Framework – A great blog about Everything C# and the DotNet framework, much like the title of the blog, i’m going to read this one a lot :)

And someone is trying to beat me in Cocomments, I want to see lots more cocomments :P (its in german, i got a slight translation from google, but a full one would be great)


13 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Links”

  1. Enjoy them mate, they weren’t that easy to find, the pub we found them in had even closed!

    It was worth it, don’t think you’re done yet though! There might be a few more in it for you if it all gets working before next week.

    cheers cupcake x

  2. When you say early, How early? I randomly got up at 6:30 and had breakfast, then did some homeworks…. I know, pretty sad.
    Anyway, Glad you are uninstalling msn, I would stick Gtalk as I can use iChat then. much more mac friendly.
    As to the debate about Microsoft verses Apple, Apple all the way.
    Btw, I think I deserve a mention for pointing out to you that someone was trying to beat you in Cocomment.

  3. Good Collection of links there…im gonna go check out laurens photos they look really cool :)…im using miranda at the moment which I got hooked up to gtalk finally so its easier to chat on all hehe :P

  4. Full translation :

    Atariboy – im coming to get you
    yes, if i get 6 more comments, then i equal that of atariboy in cocomment… that would mean starting the weekend as the blog with the most cocomments….

    Not actually that insulting….

  5. It won’t let you???
    Try clicking the cocomment icon when it appears and then enter the details, click add, then submit the commnet, lol stating the obvious but you never know :P

  6. Hey AB,

    I have been writing a review of trafic exchange sites – I have done BM and BE – and BE have just banned me after my review at I was wondering if you could check it out – being pretty high profile and all. This is the mail they sent me:

    Your blog was declined for the following reason:
    Sorry — We do link to competitive products. Blogmad 9 eh ?

    Site reviewed:
    BlogSlavery – Tools and Services for Bloggers

    StrangeNights – The weird side of the web.

  7. Thats rather shocking StrangeNights, i will make a big noise about it a little later.

    I dont think BE like the competition, they know that as soon as it goes live, BE dies!!

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