Blogmad Gone Live

Blogmad has just this second gone live, they have made a lot of improvements over the last 20 days and are about to throw the doors open to anyone to sign up, which also means refferals work again and we can start getting some credits back.

Today (21st) is also double credits day, you earn 2 credits per blog you view, which theoreticly puts the ratio up to 1:2. If you havnt already joined then now is the perfect time, if you want to get your blog better known or jsut increase your hit count.

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11 thoughts on “Blogmad Gone Live”

  1. Brad i think the link is pretty obvious “”

    The ref kinda gives it away, anyone who is bothered would see that, anyone who isnt prolly wouldnt care anyway.

    and Joe, i didnt see your blog and then post this, i had this post waiting until blogmad went live. You only trackback when you’ve got news or a link from someone elses blog.

  2. blogmad rocks dude…
    joined today and having a nice time with the traffic ;)
    But the only problem is that people won’t stop over at your site to read your fact they would only do so to gain themselves credits…

  3. Yeah, a lot of the traffic you get is only for 25 seconds..

    95% of it is fake, but if you have an interesting blog then the other 5% may subsribe or bookmark you or add you to their RSS feeder.

  4. I’ve kind of had it already with blogmad, I still have my referal link on my blog, but I’ve decided to stop putting any effort in it. I don’t really care for fake traffic, the people who really want to find it will find it anyway.

  5. The traffic might be bullshit, but I’ve found some cool sites like this one through it.

    By the way, I watched your zombie movie. Pretty funny. The girl zombie was really cute.


  6. Hey- I posted about blogmad too! On both my sites. I wanna trackback too. :) LOL Too funny. :)

    Trish- aka dragonden visiting from blogmad actually READING your blog. :) Great site.

  7. I’m just writing a massive blog entry as we speak, i’ve been really snowed under with work at the mo and didnt get time to blog yesterday.

    Be posted in abotu 15 mins

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