Atariboy Logo Competition Relaunch

With one week to go until the deadline for the Logo competition closes i thought i would update everyone with the some changes and details.

I dont want Atari Logos, i’m sorry i didnt say this before, but i didnt realise it until every entry had an Atari logo on it, i dont want to worry about getting sued!

I’m looking for an icon/picture/visual representation similar to the firefox and songbird logos. Almost imagine it as a desktop icon for program called Atariboy.


Something like these popular ones is what im looking for. There is no need to include the name atariboy as i have the logo at the top with that in. I’m looking for a picture now.

There is still a week left

Closing Date: 12pm GMT 31st March 


You can view all the current entries in this flickr set: Logo Competition

Oh and i almost forgot… The PRIZE!!!

An Atari 2600 with 5 games and 2 controllers, plus a free t-shirt with the Atariboy Logo on it!


9 thoughts on “Atariboy Logo Competition Relaunch”

  1. Oh good thinking about not having atariboy logo in it, in case you were actually sued :P. But is you are that worried, why is your favicon on the atariboy logo???

    Loving the prize, altho we could have guessed from the screenshots of other posts. What size of t-shirt, like how do we know it will fit??

  2. has never really been finished, i just put the only favicon i had up there, kinda ironic that the prize is an atari!

    Obviously i will ask you what size t-shirt you want, or possibly jsut give you a gift voucher to buy one from the website.

  3. Just having Atari in the name could could give you problems, some big companies can be real mean.

    Microsoft threatened 17 year old Mike Rowe with a lawsuit after the young man launched a website named

  4. atari havent got the money to sue ppl, they are cutting back job here there and everywhere atm to save money

  5. Hey AB,

    Thanks for the link re BlogExlposion. I thought that someone with a big profile and the the true spirit of the Internet would come up trumps. Good job!

    StrangeNights – The weird side of the web.

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