Massive Link Up

Sorry there haven’t been any posts recently, i’ve been very busy with my project open day looming.

I’ve been designing a Poster in A1 on Photoshop CS2, i’m taking it to get printed tomorrow, i have also bought 20 Business card CDs, and will be printing and burning them over the weekend.

I finally got a couple serial ports for my pc as well, thank you eBay!

Program-wise i’ve put it to one side while i work on the poster. I have lots of ideas for it tho and over the weekend i will be completely recoding it in a much better style with some additions and features that should improve it considerably in time for my openday. I may even release a demo on, which btw is getting redesigned next week to advertise me as a programmer, i will be putting a link to it on my business card CD so i want it to look professional.

Thanks to Crazy’s guide i have successfully 2 typo blogs, one for Rappy, and one for Lauren who is now calling herself Atarigirl :)

I’ve been using soley Gtalk for 3 days now, it works beautifully, but i have missed the group convos. I’ve also discovered that instant messengers do not help you do anything! I’ve been closing Gtalk when ever i want to do some work because you can guarentee that someone will talk to you just when you are concentrating.

I’ve also been comunnicating a lot more by email, with people who havnt switched and people that dont use IMs, and i’m finding it very refreshing compared to the drawnout IM convos i’ve been having recently.

I’ve been using Bon Echo all day (current feature incomplete alpha release) there are not many noticable changes, but the few that have been implemented are very good. Seperate close buttons on every tab and better history and bookmarks. I had a read thru the Road map earlier today and its looking very promising, i cant wait till june for a feature complete beta.


Freaky Pudding – Some very cool doodles

BlogSlavery – A good review of blogmad there which got him banned from Blog Explosion, looks like BE are trying to censor the interweb!

Wijou – Kareems blog, with a homemade wordpress theme

Kakii – Very arty blog, with some very nice photoshop brush sets, plus peanut butter jelly!!

All about Linux – another useful linux blog

Linux and Open Soure – another rich full linux blog, wordpress this time

Cars & Photos – My new fav blog, loads of beautiful car pics – Ernies blog, some really cool designs and pics there

Navdeep – Someone has the same tagline as mee!

Mikes Computer game Clothing – A great post that i helped with, (Shadow rules!!)


When games come to life – Really cool video, i’d love to see more like this

Real Life Mario – Classic mario in the real world, although i dont understand the water bit

Anti Game Piracy Video – Comaboys find of the day!


Programming language chart – i learnt a few things from reading this

Top10 gaming lists – Loads of great top 10 lists for games

Ubuntu Guide – A very detailed guide to dual booting Ubuntu and Windows, wonder if it will work for Vista?

Dont Do This – On your site, it just pisses people off, dont be anal with your website! Although there are some useful photoshop brushes there


My perfect picture

I hope the ipod phone will look like this

Well that was a long one, I’ve got another interesting post coming in the next 30 mins, so watch out!


8 thoughts on “Massive Link Up”

  1. Woo I got llinked. I feel all special. Anyway, when you say business card, as in e-Business cards? How much are they btw?
    I liked the poster when I saw it, but why PS CS2? I for some reason prefer CS. I find it loads faster on both my Mac and Windows PC.
    Loving that Lauren is to be refers to as atarigirl, great logos.

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