Link Dump

I’m still a bit burnt out from programming yesterday so i’ve been surfing and got a few interesting links:

Karthik Chronicles – Noticing Cocomment is down as well, its been really dodgey the past week or so, i’ve practically given up on it as nearly all my comments get rejected by cocomment.

Some Screenshots of the new build of Vista (5342)

Hack AOL Broadband to surf for free – more of an exploit, but worth a try if you have AOL


Hints and tips for getting more traffic

I’ve been wanting an ibook for a couple weeks, cant afford it, but i can still daydream…

Couple links to stir up the mac fanboys:

Anti-Fanboy Link 1

Anti-Fanboy Link 2

I’ve also noticed that pretty much ever mac fanboy has at least 2 ipods!!

My technorati rank is now: 5,845


10 thoughts on “Link Dump”

  1. Really i have been having problem and as well as you as you are among the highest commeting guys. It seems to be working now but i did hear a news about its hosting being under DDOS attack dunno if its true

  2. I was just having a read thru your blog GCSI, its really interesting stuff.

    I especially like the design princples.. I wish i had them when i started my project.

    I’ve saved the article and i will defo use them on my next software project :)

  3. That was low…. Bringing in Macs into the equation. I am a heavy apple guy, I have my PowerMac and my iMac and planning to get a MacBook Pro. Also I have 3 iPods, you need at least one Nano for portable use and then an iPod for more storage therefore more music, and I have a backup iPod in case I break any (happens often)
    I would just like to say that “Macs are BETTER and you all probably WANT one!!!”
    I know for a fact that Atariboy is considering buying a Mac.

    I laugh at the thought of Vista!! OS X is far superior, but that is not the point. Vista is delayed till 2007. Are you really ready to wait and stay on XP for that long *shudders at the thought*???

    P.S Someone has been watching Futurama far too much!

  4. “I’ve been wanting an ibook for a couple weeks, cant afford it, but i can still daydream…”

    I think everyone knows i want one crazy!!

    You such a fanboy, i dont wish to switch, macs cant play games. FULLSTOP

    I have vista sitting on a DVD waiting to be installed, and i have been fine with XP for many years.

    I wont have fanboy rants on my blog.

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