I’m feeling partically unmotivated today, I’ve got a list of things to do on my project, but i do have the drive to do them.

Played Day of Defeat for a couple hours this morning which was refreshing, i havnt played it in ages and i’m still pretty good with the sniper rifle and getting better with the Kar too.

I played around with Adobe Illustrator a bit yesterday with mixed results. Its very different to Photoshop and its a little confusing and annoying in some places, but i thought that about Photoshop when i first started with it. I think just some time and effort with it will pay off, there are lots of features and effects that you cant easily do in Photoshop. I’m thinking of getting a book for the whole creative suite when i get the chance, its another thing i’ve added to my learn after uni list.

Although saying that i got an email the other day about Masters degrees at Plymouth Uni. There is a Robotics and a Computing one, i’ll have to find out more but i wouldnt mind doing another year of Uni, especially if it helps my job prospects and gives me time to learn the things i want (CSS, more C#, Adobe Creative Suite, Javascript, Ruby on Rails), and it would give me more time for blogging too.

Feeling really lazy now..

6 Days left of the Logo Competition.. current entrys = 30

If you into C# then check out this page of links

Gapingvoid’s little cartoons rock!


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