A Harsh Comment

"Ive been checking your blog for a while now…in amongst the pile of
time wasting things I do everyday – as I have no life to speak of.

I spend all my time trying to get stuff to work on a pc and it
become increasingly apparent that this is the microsoft and pc
quest……..Keep you spending money to make it just do something its
supposed to ..or at least what we are told it can do.

I`ll get a better monitor..hey I`ll get 2 that will make the
experience better…I`ll get a better soundcard, more ram an bigger hard
drive a whole new pc cos the new operating system demands more of this
or that…external drives etc etc.

To be honest I`m sick of it……. I just bought a whole new pc after
being fed up of getting sucked into everything and having 2 set ups…2
monitors etc networking…blah blah.

What use is 3 monitors? apart from trying to convince yourself that you need them or too impress visitors….gaming?…….

I`ve had my new set up just over a month again..flat screen etc and
already ive come up against problem after problem……If you actaully try
to use a pc rather than just buy cool bits you are always in trouble
and it will suck the life out of you and your bank balance….

As soon as I can and thats this year Im chucking it all in for a
MAC……I want to just create and work rather than play and having lots of
bits that achieve nothing and just waste time…..but of course make me
thing im doing something cos im on the thing all the time.

Microsoft and pcs in general have us all running around in circles trying to make it better.

Ive seen your blog go from really interesting to kinda lackluster…sorry to be harsh dood.

I am a stamped geek which is to say Im asked to fix stuff that goes wrong by mates cos “im geeky and know all that stuff.”

Geeks it seems are popular right now….The IT crowd I discovered throught your site….but being a geek is kind of seperatist.

The geek builds the pc, sets up the software and keeps it running
for OTHER people to create on….Im fed up with all that I just want
stuff to work ..the minimum needs and maintainance and just get on and
have it work and STOP fiddling with it all.

Ive a few mates that have switched to MACS and now just do stuff rather than tweak their set ups all day (oo er)

I agree with a comment you made before about MACS….to be honest
having this item running on April fools days would have been a much
better idea…"

Jack made this comment on my Triple Monitor post a few hours ago, i feel like i need to straighten a few things out. 

"I`ll get a better monitor..hey I`ll get 2 that will make the
experience better…I`ll get a better soundcard, more ram an bigger hard
drive a whole new pc cos the new operating system demands more of this
or that…external drives etc etc."

A lot of people seem to have major issues with windows, and i dont really
understand why. It works suprisingly well considering, and quite
frankly if there was a ultimately better solution then that would be
used but you have to look at the big picture.

Linux? Its a wonderfully secure system and very stable too, but difficult to configure and lacks drivers for a lot of hardware. It is free tho, if you have the knowledge and compatable hardware then its a great option, but for the average user its jsut not viable.

Mac OSX? Based on Unix, so its secure and stable and very good looking to boot, but only runs on dedecated apple hardware which you pay through the nose for.

If you stand my Home made pc up next to a G5 tower you would be hard pressed to find many real differences, i have tweaked the OS and installed opensource software to give it just good looking and functioning desktop as OSX and the Hardware is neatly installed and tuned. For the time and effort i have put into mine, you pay for on the mac, its already done for you. When mac owners shout from the rooftops how great their Macs are, its the same as me shouting about how good i think my computer is, just that the mac owners paid someone else to do it for them.

You dont need to spend all this money, you can buy a functioning Windows PC for a few hundred pounds and as long as your not using it for gaming or hardcore video/photo editing it will work jsut as well.

"What use is 3 monitors? apart from trying to convince yourself that you need them or too impress visitors….gaming?……."I set up 3 montiors in my room to test for my open day, when as it happens i am trying to impress as many people as possible. I also learnt from the experience and posted it because i liked doing.

"The geek builds the pc, sets up the software and keeps it running
for OTHER people to create on….Im fed up with all that I just want
stuff to work ..the minimum needs and maintainance and just get on and
have it work and STOP fiddling with it all.

You dont have to fiddle, i only mess with the options for fun. As it happens i create a lot of things on windows, including digital art, essays and letters and whole programs.

"Geeks it seems are popular right now….The IT crowd I discovered throught your site….but being a geek is kind of seperatist."

I cant help but find this comment a little offensive, likening geeks to terrorists is a bit extreme. I have been a geek for as long as i can remember, i havnt just jumped on it to be cool.

"Ive seen your blog go from really interesting to kinda lackluster…sorry to be harsh dood."
I know that i havnt been posting anything particually good for a
while. All my time and effort is being poured into my Final Year
Project for Uni and i havent had time to keep up with friends or even
have any kind of social life for the past month let alone have time to
post on my blog.

My uni course is my life and the project is
worth 20% of the whole thing, this next week is going to have a huge
effect on my job prospects and future so i'm giving it everything i
have got.

I get the feeling that some people expect me to
entertain them and write for them just because they read it and its
really not. This is my personal blog, its not done for profit or gain.
The things i post are things that i find interesting or that i have
search long and hard for on the net.

This seems to have turned into a bit of a rant! Its been building up for a little while now, i have a number of posts where people are finding it through google and expecting me to help them without even reading the whole post. Its all starting to get on my nerves, i'm kinda thinking of packing it in at the moment, at least until after my project is over…


21 thoughts on “A Harsh Comment”

  1. Lets hope you dont pack it in over some idiots comment…I find your blog a great source of good tech stuff for my pc…for example started to use diskeeper because you mentioned you used it for defraggin…maybe just do a weekly post so to keep your viewers and readers in suspense?…:)

  2. Atariboy

    Dont let one person’s comments get ya down heck with as many people on the net if you got 10 people or heck 1000 people say your site sucks that is such a small precentage of people out there on the net…dont sweat it…heck the guys says in the first few lines he has no life. :)

    If you enjoy doing it then keep it up…ill be here to read it…and hey you got your health and a nice girlfriend….those are more important then some loser. :)

    Ok I will stop now


  3. Another mac hater. you never put up the .avi’s of it crowd as promised.


    maybe when you’re still running the same operating system in 2 years when vista has been pushed back again you’ll realize your foolishness.

  4. When did i ever say i was a Mac hater?

    If you knew what you were talknig aobut you would know that im planning to buy an ibook in the summer!

    I never put up the AVIs because someone else did it instead!

    Obviously you have never read my blog and be directed here by other fan boys.

  5. Atariboy, i’m afraid that you are discovering the price of fame. Dont listen to these stupid people. Focus on your studies now and then you can blog all you want.. I myself will be posting a lot less since I have some work deadlines coming up.


  6. Smells like a troll to me?

    I (like many others!) really enjoy what you write, but if you want to take a break, take one! Please don’t feel pressured by anyone to continue/stop blogging. It’s your blog, and posting to it should be fun.

    …and remember that nobody but you has a right to decide what appears here. If your comments start degenerating into a flame war, you can always delete them :)

  7. What a loser! Sorry, but if you have that many problems just running the operating system, you shouldn’t be worrying about extending your home IT infrastructure through networking, more monitors, etc. How about trying to figure out why you are having all these problems instead of just throwing money at it. I have been running Windows XP since it came out and never had any problems with it that I could not easily fix (without throwing more money at it).
    Is this a joke? This guy just needs to quit whining. Here’s my suggestion:

    1. Unplug all hardware
    2. Put it in the original packaging
    3. Send it back to the manufacturer or donate it to a school
    4. Get out the paper and pen and write snail mail
    5. Go to the library to do research
    6. Go to the shopping mall to make your purchases!

  8. Atariboy, as Navdeep says, you’ve got a popular blog so its to be expected. Just keep doing what you’re doing. The best thing you can do is write for yourself. Write about what interests you. You’ve done it so far, don’t change now. Also I have no problem with the lack of updates recently, you’ve said up front you’re busy. Updating a blog regularly is hard work!

    As for the commenter, he obviously doesn’t know his arse from his elbow when it comes to PC’s. Part of the power of them is that you can tweak them, add in what hardware you want etc. If he can’t get his to work then I suggest he does what imabiggeek said. Send it all back and buy a pre-made PC.

  9. hmmm…. now if this guys is a real geek and says he knows all that he knows – fixing peoples computers and stuff then tell my why is it that everyone else seems to find it easy to deal with the slight problems win xp has? Fair enough xp isnt the cleanest os out there buts its rather outstanding if you ask me, iv experimented with mac and linux and although i would love to have the mony to get a mac and maybe another system dedicated to linux i simply dnt have the funds and use the little self controle i have by not fork out mony everytime i hit a snag, when there is a universal os that has all drivers and allows all programs to work then i will be happy :] haha as if. Atariboy your blog is great – lifes bussy and you still bother to do it, its the small stuff like the other day when you put on the link to the start bar extender for dual moniters – i have used duals for a gd while now cuz im into photoshop and it just made life sooo much easier but i would never have thaught of it.

  10. I’m 100% with Pete on this one, smells like a troll.

    Oh and NEVER make excuses for not posting or something. This is YOUR thing and people can read or not read. The whole purpose of blogs is that it is a reflection of what goes on in your life. If the content is bleak that means you are busy.

    Lastly, computers. I have an Apple tattoo on my arm, I type this email on my IBM Thinkpad running Linux and I play games on my Xbox and Mac mini. All geeky things so all good for various reasons. Btw, paying through the nose is an old thing. You compare an A list laptop with all bells and whisles to the MacBook pro and it will come out cheaper. Same goes for the Mac Mini, its very cheap for what you get. I play WOW on my without ANY problems so the power is there.

    Conclusion, there is no BEST computer, there is only the most suitable computer for the individual and task at hand. If there was a BEST computer we would all be using it. If you like geeking around with hardware like you do then a Mac is never for you as you can not walk into any store and buy a box of parts and build yourself a Mac. As for our troll friend, let him buy a Mac and enjoy it’s smooth running yet discover it wont run the games that his mates play, sync with his PDA or smartphone or have drivers for heaps of external hardware…. Hmm, this is getting to long for a comment, you get my drift, keep up the good blog, I really enjoy it.

  11. As a user of Apple products I would really like to see more people make the switch, but I wish they wouldn’t refere to Macs as MACs. I mean, what the hell is a MAC?

  12. You are right about working pretty well, though I hate to admit it. I think I have pent up hatred from the windows 9x days, and from working tech support and dealing with people spyware every call. But part of that is windows having a big fat bullseye on it because it holds such a large market.

    btw, been reading this blog for a while now, and I think its great.

  13. Actually, I get had a post with a lot of offensive messages so I closed comments on it. I thens tated that they could email me with a genuine comment, as an idiotic troll would not go to such effort.

  14. Why do people try to incite “wars” of Mac vs. Win? I’m a “geek” myself, but to me even this goes beyond embarresment.

    If you find any proof of any “anti-mac” text then please go report it to someone; I’m sure Steve Jobs will care to find it in his inbox. Besides, due to the amount of “anti-windows” sources on the internet, even if this website had a banner of a mac mini getting set on fire it would all be within his reasons.

  15. 3 words: lack of respect.

    I haven’t ever really worked on a mac, just played around with one for a few minutes and my first impression was that it’s really nice (except for the 1 button mouse :P, but that can be replaced with ease).
    I’m a Windows user myself and I’m trying to learn how to work with linux as well, purely out of interest.
    I don’t think I’ll switch completely to linux in the near future, just because I’m used to working with Windows and can’t drop it at once, but I won’t say that either Windows or Linux, or Mac for that matter, is better than the other. All systems have their pros and cons and therefore there is only one kind of geek that I dislike and I dislike them a lot:

    “The geek that shouts out that operating system X is great and the rest is shit and if you don’t agree you’re a loser.”

    But unfortunatly, there appear to be quite a lot of those.

  16. I’ve been using dual monitors for a while now, when you’re referencing a piece of work it’s fantastic to be able to see at a glance what you want. At first it was a bit to show off that I had an extra monitor, but I’m so used to it now I feel restricted using a single monitor when i have to now.

    I’ve been considering a third monitor for a while, for all the other apps I might be running, like bittorrent or IM clients.

  17. Hey Atari boy et all

    Well my rant seems to have sparked all kinds of opinions which is always fun isnt it ?
    Ok here we go then….

    I think your blog is very cool and have no idea how I found it apart from “trolling” throught the net everyday – needless to say I have found a lot of useful links including the bit torrent software I now use and swear by.

    I gave up my personal blogging for the same reasons….people have opinions about your site, what you think, and what your post and in the end you wonder what am I doing this for?

    Its the same when anyone does anything different or popular – people love to pick holes – This wasnt hole picking it was my observation of the pc money and time trap.

    Ive been in the computer trap since I used to sell dpaint animations created on the Amiga and genlocked over video edits and found that a happier creative setup that any pc programmes can match.

    I ran Lightwave on the Amiga too but of course needed a bigger faster machine and theres the trap.

    My opionion in “my” experience was that i`m happy being a geek and tweaking stuff is fun….BUT it is relentless.

    Of course if I dont want to play the game I can go hit rocks together in the garden but I was interested in a stable set up and thats where that white machine come in.

    I`m into 3d cgi animation and editing – a Mac is set up to do that – at a cost I realise as the programmes to run it are exspensive but it does work as your options are limited.

    I like options – not over complications.

    I have no Idea how this whole Mac debate happened It was just a thought I had while seeing your setup that made me go…ohhhh god ! and that was in a funny way too.

    I love the Mac ads especially the one where th guy complains about how crap it is and how it makes a good bowling ball thats my fav.

    So I havent even counted how many times times ive said Mac in this cos that would be daft…

    Sorry if you think my comment was in any way meant to be abusive or disrepectful to you personally – or that Im some kind of Mac crazy person who thinks you are stupid if you use a pc. I still use a pc..I just hate it was my point.

    People use the tools that work for them of course im not arguing that – I guess my point was “I” am fed up with throwing thousands of pounds at pc after pc to make it nice when there is an option “for me”.

    I`m not especting you to entertain me on a daily basis and Im not going to get pissed off you are too busy to keep it up.

    People will lhave opinions of everything you post on your site some good some bad but its only an opinion an not an attack – I have personnaly had a lot of experience in the type of thing you mentioned that gave you the name Atari Boy.

    I`m still gonna check your site out every day and I`m still gonna pass on the groovy links to progs etc to mates.

    If my dumb opinion makes you think you need a break from blogging for a while thats cool…plenty of stuff to do away from pc`s too.
    Anything I have said or say here in the future can be taken this way and that, every word can be scrutinised but thats what happens when you have an opinion I accept that.

    They say opinions are like farts everyone else`s stinks but yours…but of course thats rubbish too.

    No need to take any of this wayyy to seriously- after all none of us are getting out of this alive dood.

    B groovy keep up the good work
    your pal

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