Triple Screens

I'm thinking of setting up three screens on my open day display to make it stand out, so i stole mikes screen and put in a pci graphics card and hooked it up. Initially the third screen (PCI card) didnt work, but after a quick google i found that all that you need to do is set the PCI card as primary in the BIOS. Then using Ultramon i set it up to give an extra wide desktop.





As you can see the third monitor wasnt as good as my other 2 and so the resolutions are different giving a big black bit, although you dont see this on the screen, all the windows are just bigger on the third, older screen.

If you have the money and are planning something like this i cant stress enough that you get 3 identical monitors, it would make everything so much easier, and if you can get 3 TFTs then your desk would thank you as well.

Ultramon is the ONLY software you need for Dual or triple or up to 10 screens, as well as wallpapers and screensavers to stretch across your whole desktop.


22 thoughts on “Triple Screens”

  1. Hmm You have now got me thinking “I could do better”… I might later on get a quad monitor system, but I am not competitive *cough* at all, so that may not happen :P

    But very nice set up… Did Mike let you take his screen or was it that he was out and you stole it??

  2. Dood

    Ive been checking your blog for a while now…in amongst the pile of time wasting things I do everyday – as I have no life to speak of.

    I spend all my time trying to get stuff to work on a pc and it become increasingly apparent that this is the microsoft and pc quest……..Keep you spending money to make it just do something its supposed to ..or at least what we are told it can do.

    I`ll get a better monitor..hey I`ll get 2 that will make the experience better…I`ll get a better soundcard, more ram an bigger hard drive a whole new pc cos the new operating system demands more of this or that…external drives etc etc.

    To be honest I`m sick of it……. I just bought a whole new pc after being fed up of getting sucked into everything and having 2 set ups…2 monitors etc networking…blah blah.

    What use is 3 monitors? apart from trying to convince yourself that you need them or too impress visitors….gaming?…….

    I`ve had my new set up just over a month again..flat screen etc and already ive come up against problem after problem……If you actaully try to use a pc rather than just buy cool bits you are always in trouble and it will suck the life out of you and your bank balance….

    As soon as I can and thats this year Im chucking it all in for a MAC……I want to just create and work rather than play and having lots of bits that achieve nothing and just waste time…..but of course make me thing im doing something cos im on the thing all the time.

    Microsoft and pcs in general have us all running around in circles trying to make it better.

    Ive seen your blog go from really interesting to kinda lackluster…sorry to be harsh dood.

    I am a stamped geek which is to say Im asked to fix stuff that goes wrong by mates cos “im geeky and know all that stuff.”

    Geeks it seems are popular right now….The IT crowd I discovered throught your site….but being a geek is kind of seperatist.

    The geek builds the pc, sets up the software and keeps it running for OTHER people to create on….Im fed up with all that I just want stuff to work ..the minimum needs and maintainance and just get on and have it work and STOP fiddling with it all.

    Ive a few mates that have switched to MACS and now just do stuff rather than tweak their set ups all day (oo er)

    I agree with a comment you made before about MACS….to be honest having this item running on April fools days would have been a much better idea…

    B groovy

  3. Its an old 8mb PCI card i pulled from a Pentium 1 machine, cerrix or somthing i think, if i was going to use it for anything else i would prolly but an ATI 9000.

  4. I’ve been using dual monitors for a while now, when you’re referencing a piece of work it’s fantastic to be able to see at a glance what you want. At first it was a bit to show off that I had an extra monitor, but I’m so used to it now I feel restricted using a single monitor when i have to now.

    I’ve been considering a third monitor for a while, for all the other apps I might be running, like bittorrent or IM clients.

  5. i have a Dell win XP pro with nvidia ge force 6800 and 2 screens. i bought a third screen and a nvidia 5500 g force PCI to be able to work on 3 screen but the third screen connected to nvidia 5500 doesn`t work. Do you know what can i do to be able to use my third screen with my two graphics card

  6. yes, yes i do :)

    The main thing you need to remember is to set the pci 5500 as the primary graphics card in your BIOS, then all three should work after you extend your desktop the other monitors in the windows display settings.

  7. eh. vn setup, I was trying to do the same thing with my ati all in wonder card, since it has the dual VGA as well as video-in and s-video, so I tried to setup 1 tv with 2 monitors, but I cant get all 3 to work, either 1 tv and 1 monitor or just the two monitors, my video card recognizes all three devices, and I can switch between them, but cannot get all three to work at once. Any ideas?

  8. I have tried installing a 2nd card now to use the triple monitor display, I have the PCI card set to primary in the BIOS, but now that card shows an error in Dev.Man. “This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)” I checked the IRQ and it shows the PCI on 11 and the AGP on 19, so no conflicts as I can see. Any ideas??

  9. Huh… i’ve been running 3 monitors for about 5 years and have never had any of the problems mentioned here. My pci isn’t primary yet it has always worked just fine. I’ve had 4 video cards in the mix over the years, matrox g400 max (dual head agp), radeon 9800pro (dual head agp), some antique sirrus logic pci, and a geforce mx4000 pci. All the mixing and matching i’ve done over the years, i’m kinda surprised to read about the problems.

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