Just a quick one

I've just about finished the core programming on my project, and i've started to tune it and test for bugs.

Its currently using 20mb of Ram, all of the time, doesnt go higher, doesnt go lower.

Is this an accpetable amount to use for a development program? Likening it to Visual Studio or Dreamweaver is a bit to muchm its no where near that complex, but you are building programs with it, just wanted to know what you guess think. The .exe is 120kb and requires the .net 2.0 framework.

Is 20mb too much? 




5 thoughts on “Just a quick one”

  1. Agreed, VS Apps have allways used even chunks of ram(For whatever reason) ie. 16mb, 18mb, 20mb from what ive seen over the last year with .net2

    VB6 used on average 6MB per program i think, VS.Net03 used about 12MB on average, and VS.NET05 contrinues the tradition/…

    Unless your aiming it for windows98 or a computer with only 128MB of ram anything up to 60MB is acceptable for a program thats running in the foreground(Then again, i’m willing for the web browser to use 150mb, just got enough ram to let it happen)


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