A chance to blog

Hi, i'm back.

The last week or so has been one of the most hectic in my life. Its been worth it.

TAD Board Me and My Project Me! Project Open Day  Display

I got a First in my project (70%) and the University have said they wish to use my program on a number of courses for teaching and programming their TAD Board. The Head of Robotics at Plymouth also said that its a completely commercially viable product and its currently in talks with another University to do with a possible sale.

The past month of hard work has paid off.

So I'm relaxing with Lauren for a couple of days before i start on my next project.

I've been taking lots of pictures recently, i only found out today what the ISO number on my camera means. You can check them all out on my flickr, i'm going to post my favourite one each day for a while.

I've also got a new Theme on my blog, although I'm not sure if i'm going to keep it or not, I just felt like a change. Talking of change, there are going to be a few. I'm not at liberty to say to much yet tho. Once Lauren has gone home and I've got ontop of my To Do list I'll fill you in with more details.

I've had my interweb connection upgraded to 4mb, its sooooo sweet. Downloading at about 400kB/s and uploads of about 45kB/s, i can use bittorrent and still surf the net like normal, if your with telewest then expect a free upgrade soon!

I've kinda missed a lot of news from around the web over the past week or so and I haven't caught up yet, so just one link for you: A nice list of all the april fools jokes around the web yesterday at Wikipeida

Thanks for all your entries on the Logo Competition, i haven't forgotten it. I'll be announcing the winner sometime next week. 

p.s. Thanks to everyone for the heads up on the new GTalk update.


11 thoughts on “A chance to blog”

  1. just had a look at your flickr pictures…some amazing pictures there I used to do that with my camera…take looooads of pictures…so buzz lightyear resides in plymouth now?…times must be hard after toy story 2 :P

  2. I had sent you a second logo entry via gmail (at the email I used for this post) though it’s possible that you haven’t put it up in your flickr…I just wanted to be sure you got it.

  3. “…i only found out today what the ISO number on my camera means.”

    As a fellow geek I feel it is our duty to understand every button, function and feature of the gadgets we own (and preferably before we own them by downloading the manual).

    I’m disapointed in you, Atariboy. Tut tut.

    I am of course joking ;)

  4. Its good to be back on the blog, hopefully i will get a chance to write more today as well.

    With Lauren down its kinda hard to get to the pc, shes always on it!!

  5. Yep, i’ll sort out a little demo later on this week.
    Its still very much in Alpha, more of a concept than a working program, but you can have a go and see what its like.

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