Lazy sunday afternoon

I've been extremely lazy the past couple days and today is no different. I've hardly done anything on the PC at all.

Lauren brought her G3 ibook with her and i had a play on that, managed to crash it twice and couldnt find a paint like program to draw in, but other than that its ok. OSX is very pretty, i can see why designers like it so much, and apart from the lack of right click i could get used to it.

I've also got my brothers Thinkpad for a couple of months, he hasnt got the net where he lives so I'm making much better use of it now.

I've nearly backed everything up for a big windows re-install in a couple days. Initally swapping to Vista and then some linux duel boot action too.

I've been out and about with the camera again, and found some old pictures that i took when i went racing as well, all on my flickr as usual.

The only thing i feel my camera is missing is a macro function, it just cant focus close enough for some of the pics i want to take.

Todays link: A real life online game


8 thoughts on “Lazy sunday afternoon”

  1. If you hook up a regular mouse to it you still have all the right click functions as a pc would. Steve just doesn’t put a right click button on his mice.

  2. Actually, I want an iBook too, my crappy BenQ notebook broke yet again and yet again I’m thinking of replacing it and I think an iBook would be very interesting successor :D

  3. Yeah I have to say I really don’t like the lack of a right click, its very silly, but Steve just refuses to crumble… lol

    I use a Microsoft wireless notebook mouse with mine anyway, plug and play (even with Windows I have to install stuff for some reason).

    The paint program thing is a bit of a mystery too. There is a MS Paint clone included with AppleWorks if the lapppy came with that. Otherwise, there is Seashore, which is open source and does everything Paint does, but with support for layers and some other extra stuff. I just use that.

  4. The Lotus is great, but I like the Aston Martin better. I am not quite sure which one is the faster car, but I like the look of the Aston. The two can actually look quite similar.

    I love the ibook, but I haven’t been able to afford one. It is my next project. It wouuld be nice to have the ibook installed in the Lotus…

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