OS Madness


I've been a busy geek today, although I didn't get very far.

After I dropped Lauren off at the station I decided that it was time to reinstall windows, i've got three weeks off so what better than to tinker around with a couple new OS's.

I backed up all my work/pictures/videos/music to a second HDD and unplugged it so i couldnt format it by accident (not after last time!!) then started on the long road ahead:

First: Windows Vista Build 5342, after burning and checking the DVD and popping it in i realised i didn't have a CD key to hand, back to XP to write it down. Then back to the Vista disc, but it couldn't see my RAID0, so i had to put in the floppy disc with the SATA Driver on it… damn where did i put that floppy? Back to XP again to format a floppy and copy the drivers onto it, i also put them on my usb stick to see if that worked on XP.

Back to Vista again (after about 7 restarts now) and the SATA drivers installer bit, its much improved from 2000/XP but wouldn't read from my usb stick, so i tried the floppy and it wouldn't install anything from that disc either, so i've come to the conclusion that i need some Vista drivers, but for my relatively old Motherboard they don't exist yet!!

No Vista today

Second: Windows 2000, i have 2000 on the laptop i'm using at the moment and i really like it, its lightweight fast and has a very XP feel to a lot of it, so decided to see what a 3.2Ghz Pentium 4 could do with it.

Installed very quickly and easily, still had to use the SATA Floppy but no troubles there. After using it for about an hour i started to notice the subtle differences between XP and 2000, the icons, the taskbar, there were lots of little things that i liked in XP, things you dont even notice until they are gone. So i decided to switch back before i went mad with the icons not arranging themselves.

No 2000 ever again

Third: Windows XP, back with good old XP and the installer i've gotten used to over the past 4/5 years. Not much to report here, had 1 crash near the start of the installer due to my crummy RAID drivers again (really need to check for a new verison) but other than that it was just as it always is.

My plan then was to install a few programs, check everything is working and dual boot Ubuntu Dapper Drake Flight 6 with XP so that i can dip in and out and see what the performance is like on the installed verison (I've been using LiveCDs for the past couple months).

Forth: Ubuntu, a complete non starter. The Ubuntu installer could only see the separate HDDs of my RAID not the RAID itself and so couldnt partition it, only destroy it. By 9pm i was not in the mood for reinstalling XP again minus the RAID, so i've left it until I can get a 40Gb Hdd for linux distros.

I'm sure there is a way to do it, but not particularly easily, and after having my RAID 0 for about a year i'm very attached to my fast loading times so i dont want to get rid of it just yet.

No Ubuntu for a couple weeks

So at the moment I'm pretty much back where i started except that i have cleaned up XP with a fresh install and i'm slowing installing all my programs again.

The best thing so far from this whole installing lark is i've gained around 20fps in DOD, its super smooth now… time to kick ass!!

Todays Cool Link: If I cant install Vista at least i can pretend i have it!!


6 thoughts on “OS Madness”

  1. Nice, I was having some trouble with Ubuntu Dapper Flight 5, but I’ll be trying Flight 6 sometime soon, probably download the install cd iso tommorow at work.

    Flight 5 refused to load the driver for my wlan card which did obviously work during the installation to download some extra packages and hardware OpenGL doesn’t work either, so XGL/Compiz won’t work on it either.

    Let’s see if it’ll work any better with Flight 6 :P

  2. Theres nothing like a day of OS reinstalling! Sounds disappointing you didn’t make more progress though :( Oh well, theres next time.

    Thats pretty cool ‘Vistarisor’ link too, very convincing :)

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