Still lazin

Its already been for days of my easter break and i haven't done anything much constructive at all.

I'm definatly improving on DOD, if anyone wants to play just let me know, you can find me on the steam friends network as Atariboy feel free to add me. I hear there is a new gameplay mode coming by the end of the month as well, cant wait to see what that is like.

I'm slowly reinstalling things at the moment and looking for Open-source alternatives to as much as possible. I think i've only cracked 2 programs so far, any suggestions for good Open-source software is very welcome, I'm currently looking for a good alternative to Nero 6 for burning DVDs and ISOs, and a free Alcohol style program as well for mounting cd images.

I'm in a strange place with free/paid software. The really good stuff like Photoshop and Illustrator deserve to be paid for, but i dont have anywhere near enough for what they charge, and many free programs dont seem to be worth paying for them.

I'm happy to give out small programs like my servo controller for free, Visual Assembly on the other hand will not be free, i'm still working on it adding to it and improving it, unfortunately the Uni owns 70% of the intellectual rights to it because I made it due to being at Uni, and it was designed for them anyway. I may produce an offshoot of it which i can call my own and develop it as a more general Assembly IDE.

Took a few pictures in town today, I'm starting to feel a little limited by my camera, mainly with the lack of optical zoom and limited exposure settings, I'm thinking of getting a new camera with my student loan, although i feel a bit n00bish of what functions i want/need. Any tips or links appreciated.

My link of the day is: TUGZip – an Open-source archiver


9 thoughts on “Still lazin”

  1. I like CorelDraw Suite better than Sillystrator. It’s Windows-based instead of a hac-Mac UI. CorelDraw is not free but with my student discount it was under $100 US for the entire suite.

  2. In regards to your needs in a camera, there are three main controls which determine your exposure. You need to control your shutter speed, aperture and sensor sensitivity. Each of these will impact your final result in different ways which can be used creatively.

    Have a look at for reviews on any cameras you’re interested in purchasing.

    Good Luck


  3. I am happy with my Cannon. It’s a Canon Powershot S2 is. The zoom, megapixel and features are nice. I upgraded it from the sony I had, which the Canon is a lot better than my sony cam.

  4. “I’m currently looking for a good alternative to Nero 6 for burning DVDs and ISOs, and a free Alcohol style program as well for mounting cd images.”

    Check out:
    for free CD/DVD burining software.

    I have used and use to like Daemon Tools, for mounting ISO files and mimicing copy protection. However, the latest version seems to have added adware. You may find a previous version useful.

    And for a Photoshop clone, check out GIMPShop at:


  5. i have to say that the best iso burner and decryptor etc. is dvd decryptor. You may have to hunt down a version but its the best program ever and I have used it from the start.

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