Apple helps you install Windows

If you have a new Intel Mac then today is your lucky day.

Apple will be including a partitioning and booting system which will let you run Windows XP alongside OSX.

Apple call it Boot camp and i know of a lot of people who will be very happy with this, Apple are even supplying all the drivers you need for Windows. Now you can have the best of both worlds, a high quality Mac Laptop which runs both OSX (for your creativity) and Windows XP (for DirectX gaming among other things), my guess is that when MS finally release Vista it will be installable too.

Here's apples page of info and where you can access the beta verison for Tiger.

FAQ with more detailed system Requirements here

This will defiantly open up the new Macs much larger market of people who are stuck with windows due to work or gaming requirements and in the future may even begin to blur the boundary's between the OSX and Windows.

This has certainly made the new Macbooks much more attractive to me, hopefully the new intel iBook wont disappoint and I'll snap one up in the autumn

Edit: Pictures of the whole install process on flickr

There are also rumors of Apple release some APIs to allow Windows to run Unviersal Binaries, if they are true Apple are pushing in a very promising direction, the more news i hear about Leopard the more i like it. Only Rumors tho ;)

Edit 2: Bootcamp Likes Linux as well, for everyone who ever wanted to triple boot Windows Linux and OSX… get yourself an Intel Mac. 



5 thoughts on “Apple helps you install Windows”

  1. cool! I wonder if it’s set up to do OSX and WinXP. I hope it’s set up to do OSX and -other-. That way you could set it up to do OSX + WinXP/Ubuntu dual-boot. OSX for graphics, WinXP for games/legacy apps and Ubuntu for daily computing.


  2. Don’t think it will really be able to do that, Dan. The FAQ says the systems it supports, and most probably it will have it’s own bootloader that loads the OS ala GRUB so you wouldn’t really have the option of modifying… That’s taking a wild guess anyway, plus, it could always be hacked.

  3. Wow, that is really cool for people who want Mac hardware, but have reasons why they need to use Windows still. It will also help people who want to make the transition from Windows to OS X.

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