cant think of a title

I'm well bored today!

I got hold of a Google Analytics invite so i'll be trying that out later, but other than that everything is pretty slow at the moment, I've got things to do, but I'm feeling unmotivated and slow.

I'm thinking of going home for a while, my student house is not helping my motivation either. All i need is something to spark me off and i can get going again, but what? 

Maybe buy a new piece of hardware or go somewhere interesting to take some photos, but all of these things cost money, which i'm kinda short on at the mo, and I'm on my own for a while too, all my friends have gone away for easter. Its all a bit crap!


I watched "The Legend of Drunken Master" last night with Jackie Chan, wow, what a film!. I think Quentin Tarantino must have been watching that when he was writing Kill Bill, there are a couple of very similar fight scenes. I also noticed a lot of similarities to Kung Fu Hustle in there, and possibly 2 of the actors are in both although i havnt checked.  If you liked either Kill Bill or KFH check it out.

I stumbled across a new blog this morning on; Tuxed Up, only 3 posts so far but I think its one to watch. 

p.s I haven't forgotten about the competition :P 


3 thoughts on “cant think of a title”

  1. I don’t know why Legend of Drunken Master was meant to be a sequel! Have you see the original? Drunken Master – it’s an amazing kung-fu film! Directed by Woo-ping Yuen none-the-less, the man responsible for all the martial-arts sequences in the Matrix films… and Kill Bill (oh and Kung Fu Hustle)

    So no wonder they all seem so similar!

    …as for the title of your post, why not… Woo-ping Rocks!?

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