Halflife 2 on Mac

With the addition of BootCamp to Leopard you can triple boot an Intel Mac with Linux, Windows and OSX with little loss of performance allowing you to play windows games at very reasonable framerates.

I'm gunna start saving now :P


3 thoughts on “Halflife 2 on Mac”

  1. I havent sene pictures of linux beeing fully installed yet. I have seen it as far as the kernel booting and the launguage selection on a text based installer. Even if it doesnt go all the way through it wont be long before the big name Linux distros are officially supporting it. Debian wont be one of these considering how long amd 64 bit has been out and they still dont officially support it. So the intel based macs will more then likely be in the same position as the amd64.

  2. Atariboy, I love this triple boot thing. I can’t wait to be able to get a new mac to enjoy this. I will have supreme computing power at my finger tips.

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