I've got a headache and a half today.

I'm on the front page of today :)

Now i'm going back to bed with a bacon sandwich…zzzzz


10 thoughts on “Hungover”

  1. I didn’t know that blogger doesn’t let you post on blogs if you don’t have a blogger account. That is annoying. Some Livejournals do the same thing unless you consent to have an OpenID or to let your IP address be tracked….Blogger should adopt something like this. You can create a blogger account just to comment without creating a blog though.

    I really like your blog. I was on the front page of Bloginspace once too. My blog has gone up into space 6 times. I think it is a really interesting service…if not for aliens, then for some Earth space colony who comes across it in the future (if that is possible).

  2. I’m so lazy this week tho.

    I do like bloginspace, makes you wonder where and how far it gets to in the universe.

    I hadnt seen your blog before but its pretty interesting, i’ll link you up later in a massive link post got about 25 links saved up i think.

  3. Hey I know that you said that you wouldnt help us get a code to look at someones Blog on myspace if it is private but I really need your help someone is writting things about my husband but making them private and I just wanna know what she is saying… I am 17 years old and have a 1 month old baby with him and I need to know what the heck is going on please help me… and make a code for me PLEASE! write back please even if you wont do it..

  4. As i said on that post i will not help you hack into private accounts, if you cant understand that you are a pretty ignorant person.

    I do not care about your stupid myspace issues, if you are that concerned about your husband cheating on you maybe you should talk to him?

    I deleted my myspace account and wash my hands of it. Do your own dirty work.

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