Feed stats

I'd like to say a big Hello and thankyou to everyone who has been reading my blog via my feed. Yesterday that was about 456 of you!!

Bloglines seem to be the most popular at about 40%, which is suprising considering that there are, at least in my opinion, many better ways of reading your feeds.

Everytime i hear a new stat about my blog I'm amazed, especially considering I havn't posted anything interesting very this week. I'm sorry for the lack of good content and links, I'll try and make it up to you faithful readers next week.

For now you'll just have to enjoy BBspot and Shirley's blog.


5 thoughts on “Feed stats”

  1. Hehe. Well, when you’re using bloglines and only new posts show up, you never notice when someone doesn’t post anything, unless your specifically thinking about that site.

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