Redstation tries to censor the internet

Removed at the request of Redstation


17 thoughts on “Redstation tries to censor the internet”

  1. Honestly I think it was clumsy to upload copyrighted material to a paid web host, (bittorrent is a better way af doing that) and I also somehow understand their reaction, shutting your account down. (Although I think they should’ve sent you a warning and offered you to delete the file)
    However the part about defamatory was really a laugh and a half! That post clearly reveals why the account was shut down, and any person who reads the whole post can make a fair picture of Redstation.
    Your post was not a case of defamatory, and you should leave it as it is. Keep up the good work, btw!
    Btw those who want another good laugh can look at The Pirate Bay’s Legal Communication.

  2. They are just bullying, it is not an uncommon tactic. Defamation is nearly impossible to prove in court so you don’t have too much to worry about.

    If they make the foolish mistake to try and outspend you by taking this to the next level then I am sure you will find plenty of people that will help you out.

    BTW, you shouldn’t have posted those episodes of IT Crowd. I seriously question the legality of doing this.

  3. Yeah i admit uploading the IT crowd was wrong, and i stopped doing it as soon as the account was shut down. I dont mind that the account was removed for that reason, i was in the wrong, but to demand that i remove my post because they say so is just out of order.

  4. Redstation apparently has the right to shut your account down, but only because their shoddy business model is built to allow them to do so. Essentially, Redstation is saying that they offer a free hosting service to anyone, unless you become popular, and in that case you’re not welcome any more. So essentially they are limiting themselves to hosting only the least-popular sites on the web. Quite the advertisement!

    In addition, Redstation’s case of defamation is hilarious. says defamation is: “communication to third parties of false statements about a person that injure the reputation of or deter others from associating with that person” FALSE statements. Redstation’s service is a ridiculous imitation of what hundreds of others are already successfully providing on the web. Redstation can’t demand people to keep quiet about the poor way they treat their customers, because their customers are reporting on TRUE events.

    And another thing – the internet is about getting information out to people who need it. Having an honest account of what happens when you use a weak hosting provider like Redstation is definitely something people need to know about.

    Seriously, if Redstation wants to be considered as anything but a amatuerish excuse for a hosting company, they might want to consider their business practices and work towards keeping the customers that have success with them, instead of shutting them down and forcing them to lose everything.

  5. Well if i search for Redstation i dont see a mention anywhere of atariboy..
    If i search for AtariBoy i get your main blog come up
    If i search for AtariBoy Redstation i get your blog rss feed come up.. Thats it.

    Google must’ve been given a copy of the document too..

    “problems with redstation” That brings up a few people on that subject.. but no sign of you..
    Throw it into yahoo andyour blog post is the first thing that comes up :)


  6. I’d be careful on this one. While Redstation may be wrong, and will fail in there quest to “get you”, they could spend there legal time flagging up your law breaking behaviour with Channel 4 and/or the programmes distributors.

    Defend you right to free speech, but not when it realtes to your own illegal activities.

  7. I believe it’s true that you could get some trouble for the IT Crowd episodes. But actually, Channel 4 hosted them for download allready, they offered them to people for free and you just mirrored them and besides that you allready removed them.

    As for the Redstation part, not a chance… I didn’t know the word “defamation” before reading this post, but according to the dictionary description your post is anything but defamatory… How in the world can an opinion be defamatory? An opinion is personal and can indeed hurt someone, but if it’s your opinion then it’s no lie and thus not defamatory.

    Anyway, I just first noticed that you used my button on your blogroll :D

  8. I would not worry AT ALL about the “IT Crowd” connection. I have been in American TV since ’76 in various management roles. The last was as webmaster at a top 40 TV market station (out of 200+) At various times we potentially violated a number of copyrights for streaming shows and a few resulted in Cease and Desist orders. We complied with no further legal action. There is NO CONCERN about past behavior. The lawyer is absolutely bluffing, in my opinion. (I have a friend at the BBC if you need confirmation.)

    In my opinion, the defamation claim has much less of a basis.


  9. I was considering using redstation, I like to read peoples experiences good and bad. What they did is out of order.

    — The customer who never was.

  10. Honestly, freedom on the internet is one thing but applying it to one fool who isn’t controlling what he puts up gives everyone a bad name.

  11. The problem with threads like this is that it’s full of bogus comments from other hosting companies trying to rubbish the competition. Any potential value here is tainted by sour grapes.

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