Spring Cleaning

I've been busy cleaning the whole house and my computer the last couple of days.

Thats a pretty big thing for me, seeing as I'm student, a lazy one at that. Everything is nice and clean and working well. I've got the house to myself for a few days. I cant wait to get a place of my own, not having to worry about crappy housemates and having complete control of your own little space. I'm feeling a lot like that with my blog as well at the moment.

I've got a bit of an announcement to make tomorrow, something that i think many of the regular readers will enjoy and subscribe to, but that will have to wait until tomorrow :P

I've been making good use of my brothers laptop recently, blogging and typing up my report from my bed, its weird feeling almost like writing in a note pad while sitting on the sofa rather than being sat upright and proper at the pc. If you have a notebook/laptop and have never tried it then your missing out!

Talking of the PC, I'm planning some upgrades in the next week or two, mainly storage because i just dont have the money to do much more than that at the moment. I'm thinking of maybe a RAID5 or 6 configuration or having a Backup RAID1 to put all my important stuff on, I've got room for 8 more HDDs, I might as well make use of them!

I did have a few links to post, but it seems that i have managed to delete my blog folder.. grrrrr


3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning”

  1. Yep, the stacker is nice, a bit too expensive imho though. I’d get one if it wasn’t for the price and I’m quite content with my own case for the time being, still having space to install at least 5 more HDDs and 2 more opticals.
    I think I might install a SATA backplane for 3 HDDs in the remaining 2 5.25″ drive bays at some time, maybe near the end of the summer when I saved up enough money with working :P

    And yeah, browsing the net and writing blogs with a laptop from a bed is great, I do that a lot whenever my laptop is actually working…

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