I’m Moving

From today you wont find any new posts at Atariboy.wordpress.com.

I’ve had a great time with wordpress.com, the past 5 months on here have taught me a huge amount about blogging, the web and computers in general. I’ve had over 300,000 views, upwards of 400 subscribes and a top 5500 ranking on technorati.

I feel that I have outgrown wordpress.com, i feel very limited by them now; long and frequent downtime, a crappy and buggy editor and the lack of customisation. WordPress.com blogs are perfect for people who are jsut starting blogging or dont have much in the way of technical knowledge (we cant all be supergeeks!), but for me its just not enough anymore.

I’ve spent the last couple days setting up my new blog called Fishbitt.com

Its a wordpress install with a custom theme called Yellesh which i have modded to my own needs. Hosted on Dreamhost so i shouldnt have any bandwidth troubles either.

This will be my personal blog. Photography, geeky stuff and whats going on in my life, my geeky articles and tutorials will be put on GeekLimit.com.

I won’t be deleting this blog just yet, it has a good google ranking and gets a lot of hits which i can forward to my other sites now.
The only thing with Fishbitt at the moment is that the logo is a PNG and IE6 does not like PNGs!! The logo looks pretty rough, other than that it works on most browsers i think.

Personal blog @ fishbitt.com

Geeky Articles @ GeekLimit.com


14 thoughts on “I’m Moving”

  1. nicely said Ryan, i like to think of it was a step upwards and a challenge, i have the ability to be some more creative with my blog now, just a case of making use of it.

    I’ve had over 300 views already which is great, but this one is not about hits jsut my personal diary to keep up with webgoings on and my next major scheme,

    I would guess most people would prefer GeekLimit, although its only jsut started and finding its feet, we have lots an author and gained one and we are not quite finished tweaking and fine tuning, its going to be great :)

  2. Your IE6 problems are due to the fact the it doesn’t do full alpha channel rendering. There is a Direct X enabling hack that you can do to force it to, but in the past the IE team didn’t think it was worth the performance hit to do full alpha.
    IE7 handles it without any problems though.

    The best way to get round it is to either:
    1) Give the image a fixed colour background in the image.
    2) Set the background chunk in the PNG to give it the correct colour background when it isn’t being rendered with a full alpha channel.

    I know that neither of these allow you to change the backgroun colour of the site easily but until IE7 is out in the wild it’s the best you can do. Of course you could do what my girlfriend does and have some javascript to swap the images about depending on the browser.

  3. Nope, i’ve put my regular reads in a post on Fishbitt, and i’m doing a page of my fav links and things, but the blogroll on this blog wont be carried over to Fishbitt.com

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