Crazy Wednesday

Its been pretty hecktic today, im going away for a long weekend tomorrow and so i’m trying to get everything done, along with my State space lecture about the “Kronecker Delta” (kinda pointless today tho: “2 does not = 0”) but i have loads of links and pages to share:

Sleeping bag coat thingy – Its basically a sleeping bag but in more of a human shape so you can walk around in it, stay warm and sleep pretty much where ever you like, i wouldnt be suprised if i saw one or two of these at reading festival.

Fancy myspace profile styles – Some CSS and HTML that makes a for a much prettier profile, i’ll try it out later if i get the time. – a site which has been design so that you dont need to click your mouse at all, takes a little getting used to, but its very clever, using flash i think.

Real Transformer Robot – Being a Robotics student, i cant help but marvel at the wonders of a robot that can drive along like a car and then stand up and walk around! (might be a bit slow from digg effect)

Open house spammers – Imagine if your email spam were a group of people, and they came to your house! (thanks gary)

Firefox review from a non-geek – Mike reviews firefox from the perspective of a non-geek ;)

The New order of blogging – Squash does an article on the change in blogging trends and the rise of, has a bit about me in it too!

Fear of Girls – A very funny google video, done in the same style as the Office and Extras, but about role playing nerds

Xbox live vid – Some 9 year old forgot to switch off his headset before argueing with his mommy. Its funny to laugh at spoilt american kids!

The Scrob wrote about me! – just a little post about me getting to the top of wordpress.

Firefox Extension Contest – the finalists were released yesterday and you can see, download and test them here.

I was also suggested a firefox extension for cocomment this morning, and i tried it out, its definatly better than the bookmarklet, but still not a perfect solultion, greasemonkey is still the best way to go for auto-cocommenting.

Just for the people watching, yesterday i had 14069 hits, and so far today i’ve had 6826.

I also have a new story on digg about my Songbird 0.1 Review

And it looks like technoratis search is down at the moment, maybe now they wil realise that i have 96 links, not 20!


The Sabeth

Another lazy sunday, which so far has been quite productive. I’ll get some links out of the way first:

.Net programmers in High demand – This is great news for me, as its what i’m programming my final year project in.

Defeat Source – A new Day of Defeat website has opened up, looking very nice, although i prefer the uncluttered style of DoD Network – Loads and loads of old games to download here, the whole site is a a haven for the older geek! I’ve been playing Super mario Bros loads.

Samy is my hero – This page details how samy created a worm on myspace, great hacking and a very interesting read, got my brain ticking to be sure ;)

And i found another hack/exploit for myspace, but i’m going to do that in a seperate post later, its not as good as the hidden comments one, but its quite suprising and easy, although not too useful, more of a strange thing.

I also found some higher quality torrents of the IT crowd and updated the post, which has become quite popular (50 hits yesterday and 70 so far today)

Last night after playing DoD as a sniper for hours i decided to watch ‘Enemy at the Gates’, a sniper film. Its really good, the sets are amazing and the whole film jsut had that feeling of Day of defeat/Call of duty which has kinda made me want to play thru ‘Call of Duty’ again, i’m also downloading another sniper film called “Sniper” and Saving private ryan as i haven’t seen that yet either.

I’ve also put a couple more pics of my ipod on flickr, and my current background i found on deviantart.

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The Digg Effect

Yesterday i posted a useful tip on how to view peoples comments on myspace that arn’t visable on there profile because they are hidden by that user using html and css. I did this for a friend who isn’t particually tech-savy, so she could find out what people had been saying about someone.

Its not a hack, the information is there and readily available to read just that the link is not so the address has to be typed in, all i did was inform people of that address.

After a few other people told me they found this useful i though i would upload it to to make this information useful to others.

At time of writing my post has had 628 diggs, it made it onto the front page of sometime this morning before i woke up. By 9am the digg effect had set in.

As the graph shows the hits just kept coming! at last count they are at 11665 today, it makes all my other days hits look none existant!

And my post has made it onto the “Top Posts from around” and my blogis number 2 on the “Top WordPress Blogs today“, and number 3 on the “Fastest Growing Blogs“.

My personal website has seen 60 people that it doesnt usually as well.

I got a few flames and harsh comments, but nothing unexpected, this is the internet after all!

Looking at where the hits have came from it has also made it to the del.ici.ous popular page and the Diggdot frontpage (although i had never heard of it before today).
The story has now moved onto the second page of, so i think the hit rate will drop, have to see how it goes tomorrow.

Thank you stacey for giving me the idea to post that blog :)

In other news my girly lauren has just started her first blog today on blogger.

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Bypassing school Filters and blocks

We’ll heres the theory, untested as yet, although my lovely assistant lauren is going to try it out for me (possibly with the help of tom).

Using a proxy through a web browser you should in theory avoid filters imposed on a network such as school, uni or an office, which blocking sites like myspace hotmail and gmail, allowing you to view them anyway, because they have a different web address and that is usually what the filters go on.

Go to this site:

And enter the blocked site which you wish to view, then the site should open up and at the top some options and a address bar and bob’s your uncle myspace works.

Another nice long list of proxys here.
Heres a few more proxys, if one doesnt work or is blocked on your network try another, or google “web based proxy”

**You do this at your own risk, im just advising, if you get fired or banned from your school or work network then its your own fault.**