A chance to blog

Hi, i'm back.

The last week or so has been one of the most hectic in my life. Its been worth it.

TAD Board Me and My Project Me! Project Open Day  Display

I got a First in my project (70%) and the University have said they wish to use my program on a number of courses for teaching and programming their TAD Board. The Head of Robotics at Plymouth also said that its a completely commercially viable product and its currently in talks with another University to do with a possible sale.

The past month of hard work has paid off.

So I'm relaxing with Lauren for a couple of days before i start on my next project.

I've been taking lots of pictures recently, i only found out today what the ISO number on my camera means. You can check them all out on my flickr, i'm going to post my favourite one each day for a while.

I've also got a new Theme on my blog, although I'm not sure if i'm going to keep it or not, I just felt like a change. Talking of change, there are going to be a few. I'm not at liberty to say to much yet tho. Once Lauren has gone home and I've got ontop of my To Do list I'll fill you in with more details.

I've had my interweb connection upgraded to 4mb, its sooooo sweet. Downloading at about 400kB/s and uploads of about 45kB/s, i can use bittorrent and still surf the net like normal, if your with telewest then expect a free upgrade soon!

I've kinda missed a lot of news from around the web over the past week or so and I haven't caught up yet, so just one link for you: A nice list of all the april fools jokes around the web yesterday at Wikipeida

Thanks for all your entries on the Logo Competition, i haven't forgotten it. I'll be announcing the winner sometime next week. 

p.s. Thanks to everyone for the heads up on the new GTalk update.


Just a quick one

I've just about finished the core programming on my project, and i've started to tune it and test for bugs.

Its currently using 20mb of Ram, all of the time, doesnt go higher, doesnt go lower.

Is this an accpetable amount to use for a development program? Likening it to Visual Studio or Dreamweaver is a bit to muchm its no where near that complex, but you are building programs with it, just wanted to know what you guess think. The .exe is 120kb and requires the .net 2.0 framework.

Is 20mb too much? 



Massive Link Up

Sorry there haven’t been any posts recently, i’ve been very busy with my project open day looming.

I’ve been designing a Poster in A1 on Photoshop CS2, i’m taking it to get printed tomorrow, i have also bought 20 Business card CDs, and will be printing and burning them over the weekend.

I finally got a couple serial ports for my pc as well, thank you eBay!

Program-wise i’ve put it to one side while i work on the poster. I have lots of ideas for it tho and over the weekend i will be completely recoding it in a much better style with some additions and features that should improve it considerably in time for my openday. I may even release a demo on Atariboy.co.uk, which btw is getting redesigned next week to advertise me as a programmer, i will be putting a link to it on my business card CD so i want it to look professional.

Thanks to Crazy’s guide i have successfully 2 typo blogs, one for Rappy, and one for Lauren who is now calling herself Atarigirl :)

I’ve been using soley Gtalk for 3 days now, it works beautifully, but i have missed the group convos. I’ve also discovered that instant messengers do not help you do anything! I’ve been closing Gtalk when ever i want to do some work because you can guarentee that someone will talk to you just when you are concentrating.

I’ve also been comunnicating a lot more by email, with people who havnt switched and people that dont use IMs, and i’m finding it very refreshing compared to the drawnout IM convos i’ve been having recently.

I’ve been using Bon Echo all day (current feature incomplete alpha release) there are not many noticable changes, but the few that have been implemented are very good. Seperate close buttons on every tab and better history and bookmarks. I had a read thru the Road map earlier today and its looking very promising, i cant wait till june for a feature complete beta.


Freaky Pudding – Some very cool doodles

BlogSlavery – A good review of blogmad there which got him banned from Blog Explosion, looks like BE are trying to censor the interweb!

Wijou – Kareems blog, with a homemade wordpress theme

Kakii – Very arty blog, with some very nice photoshop brush sets, plus peanut butter jelly!!

All about Linux – another useful linux blog

Linux and Open Soure – another rich full linux blog, wordpress this time

Cars & Photos – My new fav blog, loads of beautiful car pics

Erniesthings.com – Ernies blog, some really cool designs and pics there

Navdeep – Someone has the same tagline as mee!

Mikes Computer game Clothing – A great post that i helped with, (Shadow rules!!)


When games come to life – Really cool video, i’d love to see more like this

Real Life Mario – Classic mario in the real world, although i dont understand the water bit

Anti Game Piracy Video – Comaboys find of the day!


Programming language chart – i learnt a few things from reading this

Top10 gaming lists – Loads of great top 10 lists for games

Ubuntu Guide – A very detailed guide to dual booting Ubuntu and Windows, wonder if it will work for Vista?

Dont Do This – On your site, it just pisses people off, dont be anal with your website! Although there are some useful photoshop brushes there


My perfect picture

I hope the ipod phone will look like this

Well that was a long one, I’ve got another interesting post coming in the next 30 mins, so watch out!

Sunday Afternoon Links

I’d had a pretty productive day today.

Got up early for the first time in ages, cleaned my room out properly for the first time in ages too. Then spent a few hours making my program much more efficent and smooth. By using a couple of cheeky methods i managed to save 300 lines of code and make it much easier to extend too.

I tried out Firefox 2.0 earlier this morning, this was a pre-alpha release so i didnt expect too much from it, and didnt get too much either, the history and bookmark sections have been improved and it seemed suprisingly stable for an alpha build, should see more features and a new theme/UI coming in the next couple weeks.
You can download the nightly builds here, although you do so at your own risk of breaking things.

Comaboy gave me 4 bottles of my favourite drink, Slate, for helping him out with some programming on his project, which is coming along nicely, i cant wait to play with it.

I’m enjoying Gtalk more and more, tonight i will be uninstalling MSN, then we will see how people communicate with me, if anyone else is trying it out this week, and i think you should (its great), here are a number of tips and tricks.

Tomorrow marks the 1 week left until my open day week starts, so i will be coding in all of my free time, although i should have more time for blogging than last week.

Laurens been taking photos again, i love her photography, especially the lone tree, she wants some critisism and feedback on here photos tho, so she can improve and learn from it, give it to her here on her Deviantart page.


A huge, very indepth Apple Vs Microsoft Debate. A really good read with loads of links and videos you might not have seen before.

InkScape – Basically a free open source version of Adobe Illustrator, great for vector graphics.

MediaCoder – An open source Media Encoder, very useful for changing video formats and completly free too.

PortableApps.com – Links and guides to putting pretty much every type of software you need on a USB stick so you can take your programs with you as well as your files.

Paul Stamatiou’s Blog – A flickr contact of mines blog, i hear its very popular, here is his flickr too.

2 more Andrew Nesbitts!! What are the chances of that!?

I’ve joined a few more geeky groups on flickr including:

  • Daily Screens – “Upload a screenshot from your pc every day”
  • Geek.Shirts – All kinds of geeky t-shirts.
  • Geek Porn – Pictures to make you drool. (Nothing explict here tho)

Someone also got on the Digg front page with 8 dualscreen desktops taken from my flickr, cheeky bastard!

If you have a Dual screen setup, you might want to check this site for all kinds of useful stuff, including Dualscreen screensavers.

Geek and a Halfs view on Vista, some really nice screenshots there.

C#, .Net Framework – A great blog about Everything C# and the DotNet framework, much like the title of the blog, i’m going to read this one a lot :)

And someone is trying to beat me in Cocomments, I want to see lots more cocomments :P (its in german, i got a slight translation from google, but a full one would be great)

01100010 01101100 01101111 01100111

Busy day again today, but at least everything is running smoothly.

WordPress.com has been down pretty much all day, so i havent been able to post anything so its all squeezed into this one big post. Hope wordpress sorts out its relatbility issues soon.

I have a piece of coursework in on wednesday and one in on Friday. So im working on those at the mo, i’ve also got a meeting later with my tutor about my project, and then i will hopefully get the microcontroller board to program. Should be a little video coming soon of the LEDs flashing.

I’m also going to start up a little side project tonight with Ruby on Rails, more details coming tonight :P

If you hadnt already heard, i won the lottery on Blogmad, 26597 credits!! I wont need to surf for quite a while now!

Lauren has signed herself up a DeviantART Account here, and she doesn’t know it yet but i’m going to buy her a subscription to it so she can enjoy it more and show off her art to the world.

I’ve you have a bit of money to invest in your website and cant wait for google anayltics then check out Mint, they provide a very nice stats service for $30 per site.

This post grinds my gears a bit, its quite obviously about nerds not geeks!! Its a good post tho, just needs the word geek changing to nerd.

Jens has a side project band which he just set up a myspace for, funny stuff, i’m hoping he will do an artic monkeys cover soon!

Did you know that the left boob is usually larger!! [Evatt]

And if you could Work out the title of this blog go here.

Logo Competition
I’ve had a couple more entries for the logo competition. On thursday i will be announcing the Grand Geek Prize for the competition which should hopefully draw a few more entries. I still dont want to give it away tho, anyway below are the two new entries for today from neff and mike:

Also please remember that the logo for printing on a Black, Red or Blue T-shirt, so make sure its nice and big and will stand out against one of those colours.


I’ve felt bloody terrible today, its been pretty stressful with uni and terrible housemates. Looks like my housemates who are sposed to sort out and pay the gas bill have not, and we may get our gas, and possibly electricity cut off.. fecking idiots, plus we’ll be charged over £330 for the privledge.

The worst thing is that it may affect MY credit rating! This got me pretty stressed, and the only response i have heard from the 2 who were sposed to paythe bill was… “We’ve already paid it”, now forgive me if i have missed something but i dont think British Gas would send out a letter saying we are being cut off if they had paid the bill!!!

Then i got an email saying that i have missed a number of labs and i have to go see my lecturer next week, or i may fail the lab coursework. Which just added to my stress!
So i’ve kind of loafed around and done nothing.

But i wasnt going to let the whole day go by without a blog, oh no.

Today both Darkplace and The IT Crowd DVDs were confirmed with release dates, and are availalbe for preorder on Amazon. Darkplace 7th July and The IT Crowd 9th October (very close to my birthday Hint! Hint!)

The Mirror for the IT Crowd episodes is having a bit of a bandwidth problem… They used up 1762GB of Bandwidth in the first 7 days!! So i thought i could get you guys to help him out by clicking a few of hits adverts or even giving him a small donation via paypal to help him keep the server up and the IT Crowd available to the whole world.
(Dont forget to disable Adblock!)

I’m going to be swanking it up in a hotel room like this in May for a wedding im going to with Lauren (all free of charge of course :P)

Check out this blog by Pedro Silva, he works for MSDN. It looks like they are developing something rather similar to “Visual Assembly” (my final year project, the website needs updating tho) as an add-on to Visual Studio 2005 called DSL Tools, (No not Damn Small Linux) its short for Domain-Specific Language Tools.

Its pretty cool that im actually doing something that microsoft considers a valid software concept, although im sure theirs will be much better than mine!

You might have noticed that i have a new link in my affiliates section: ThinkGeek, this is an awsome webshop, i would buy soo much from there if i lived in the US, namely Jolt Cola and the really cool mugs and t-shirts!

So if you feel like checking it out, i think i get 7% if you buy anything from them after clicking my link. Already made £3!
Check out this shot of my dinner yesterday:

A nice healthy 5 Bits of extra thick bacon all covered in melted cheese!

I recevied a little gift from Ergotron today as well, which will be getting a fullon review here tomorrow, heres a sneak peak picture, and the fancy camera i used to take some of the photos with:

I’ve also nearly finished Download Vista, and in Uni today downloaded a Ubuntu Live CD in 2 mins (40Mb Connection), so if i get board over the weekend then i might end up doing a bit of OS tinkering.

Oh and a reminder that there is now 2 weeks left in the Atariboy Logo competition, didnt want you to forget now :P
Keep you eyes open tomorrow for a possible Firefox 2 Alpha release as well ;)

And my technorati rank has gone up again: 7,273


I’ve been coding all day, so im going to have a break and relax with my beloved blog, some bacon and a massive mug of tea.

My project is coming along nicely, i have finished off a lot of things that needed to be done and reduced my massive to-do list by quite a lot. If your particually interested you can read my project proposal here (PDF)
Quick Screen shot:

Seems that my earlier Speedblogging isnt a new thing, i dont have any links saved, but if you google it, a few pages come up, seems that its a blog without styling, just a large chunk of text and links to get the post out there as quickly as possible.

It was interesting, and i did it really fast, but afterwards i felt a bit like i had cheated, in the sense that it wasnt a very nice looking post, and not particually easy to read either. I doubt i will be doing it again for a while.

I’ve decided to compeletly stop the mega IM review, i dont have the time, or the inclination at the moment. Sorry guys.

Another thing i decided tonight is that at the start of april i will be dropping Windows XP, in favour of Win 2000 for gaming, Linux for general use and Vista for testing and coding. Prolly dual booting 2000 and linux on one drive and having vista on the other for when ever im feeling the need to tinker. No idea what distro i’ll use yet so any suggestions are welcome, keeping in mind that i much prefer UIs to Command Lines.

I’ve prefered Gnome to KDE the few times i’ve used them both, but im not too fussed as long as it works well and is easy to configure.

One other thing, can anyone confirm for me that the .net 2.0 framework is built into Vista? I’m pretty sure it is, but i cant find anything confirming it.

Keep those Atariboy logos coming too, there are some really good looking ones there, I have a definate fav at the moment, but there is still 2 weeks left, anything could happen!

Google have released a mobile verison of gmail, http://m.gmail.com its much more rapid than the normal verison, but it doesnt look anywhere near as nice.

There’s also a new verison of Windows Live search, although im not much a fan of microsofts previous search engines, i have to say this one is fast and responsive and give you good results too. [thanks rappy]
The Geeks of Hazzard – a very cool podcast/weblog, love the style sheet on their page too.

After Mikes IT crowd Remix, a contest has shown up and its got mike working on a much better verison with our resident mixmaster comaboy, i’ll keep you posted, but the guitar bits i can hear through the walls sound really good. [thanks crazy]

And i’ll finish with a plug for the IT Crowd group on flickr, which is great :P and a couple pics of the beautiful Lauren