Project Milestone

Today i reached a very important point in my programming project Visual Assembly.

It can now ADD and SUBTRACT two numbers!!!

Visual Assembly build 3c

Now this may not seem like a big deal, but it most certainly is…

You can create a flowchart (be it of only 3 blocks at the moment) which simulates the ADD or SUBB of the 8051 microcontroller, this means that i have in plave the foundations for the whole process of putting in different function blocks and then single stepping through the program, adding more functions should be pretty easy (i started with only ADD and introduced SUBB in about 10 mins) and allowing the use of more function blocks will be just a case of copy-and-paste.

I have reached the point i wished to be at for my progress demo with 2 days to spare, and having finished my other pieces of coursework for the year means i can add even more content and features to Visual Assembly before thursday.

Then after xmas i will begin tweaking and refining the program, increasing performance, adding special features and drawing custom icons and blocks for the GUI as well as creating an installer package, update process and proper advertising website for the “product”.

Expect more and more updates as i add features and improve the program, although the GUI is unlikely to change until next year when i design all of the different shape masks for the function blocks in the workspace.


My weekend with Lauren

Well lauren only got here yesterday, we went to wimpy and the long room (which i doubt i ever go to again jsut because the bar staff where complete arses) then came home and lazed around a bit and went to c103 in the eve with young stace, it was pretty poor really.

Xmas Lauren

Going out tonight tho with all my friends, should be great fun… and i’m going to buy a scarf!

Link of the day: The Inquirer 
I check this site pretty much every day, its the perfect news site for technology. Mmmm and sometimes there are posts about the FX-60…


I saw a couple of things today whilst i was trying to avoid my looming coursework deadline. The first is definatly going on the xmas list:
Logitech G15 gaming keyboard:

It has glowing blue keys, extra programmable keys using macros and a fold out LCD screen with is completely programmable, i will definatly be programming new things to display on the screen if i get one, i had a look around and only found about 5 real programs by other people, i think it would definatly look good on my CV to be able to say i’ve made a popular program like that. and its huge too like an extra half a foot wider than a normal keyboard… I’m such a geek!

My other discovery is the IBM X41 Tablet Ultraportable Laptop:

That and the non tablet verisons X40 and X41 look oh so tempting, ultra portable so they are only 12ins screens and weight jsut 1.2kgs, tiny little things! I have been wanting to get a 12ins laptop for a year and a half on and off, but never really had the money being a student and a half, but with the prospect of a realy job next year its becoming more of a reality and damn they look good, but i’ll have to control my urges for a little longer though.

Link of the day:
I’d also like to share useful links and pages i found around the interweb, dont want to blow my load, so here’s one good one i found just the other day:
File Hippo
has loads of free software and says the newest releases right at the top, within the past week i’ve found maybe 3 new pieces of useful software i didnt know about and just as many updates or betas for programs i regularly use.

First Blog

Just signed up my first real blog!

great.. now what?

I guess the first thing to do is fire of a couple of links:

My Flickr Photos
My Myspace profile
My own website –

Oh and a picture of me:


I’m not going to go back and do my history, i’ll just carry on as normal..

Lauren is coming to stay for the weekend tomorrow and i have to tidy and buy things, i cant wait. She lives in bath and i haven’t seen her for 2 weeks, we speak on the phone every day though, i find talking to her so easy, words just flow out of me, i dont need to think of things to say, i love talking to people like that.


I just handed in one of the worst pieces of coursework i have ever done, spent yesterday evening and since 8:00am this morning blagging a lab report for a 3 part lab that i only really attended the first part of, which made it very hard to write up, and its for my worst module too.

But my project is going good, basically I’m designing and coding a simplified Assembly compiler to help people learn how to program microprocessors, i’m doing it in Visual C# Express which makes the GUI build so easy, im currently adding functionality behind the buttons in an OOP style, or at least what i gather OOP is, for my progress demo next week which counts for 20% of the total project grade. I’ve also got a little webpage going explaining more about it, i’ll add more to it after my project demo when i have a little time to relax. Screenshot:
Visual Assembly

Now i think i better get on with something productive, i’m going to the Quay club so i’ll prolly end up sleeping late and rushing in the morning to get ready for when Laurens train arrives, oh and fingers crossed i’ll get £100 from Jenny if she doesnt let me down again.