Zombie Brains

After that rather technical and un-interesting robotic post, I thought i’d do something a bit more fun so…

Drum roll please…. dadaadadadadadada

Zombie Brains is now online!! 

Me and my housemates made this last year, at 2 in the morning, in 3 hours, with no budget and no script. I love this film, its my pride and joy.

It was filmed as you see it, the only editing down was adding credits and music to the end, your watching it exactly as it was filmed, every scene in that order, straight from tape to .avi!

Hosted on Atariboy.co.uk

Since its creation, Lucy (the girl) and Mez (the cameraman) have both asked to have their names removed and dishoned the film compeletly, they want to go into the movie industry and believe that it would taint their names.

And they didnt want to get sued by meatloaf for the use of one of his songs!!

Of course i didnt remove their names, I’m much to lazy!

And i dont want to get your hopes up… but there is a sequel in the works, code named: “Zombie Brains 2: The Sellout”

More details coming soon…