Short Web Attention Span

Recently i have noticed my attention span on the interweb getting shorter and shorter, regular website that i read everyday seem boring to me, even my faithful Inquirer has started to seem a little dull.

I’ve noticed this happen a few times before, but never at the rate it is at the moment.

I used to check Shacknews, Hard|OCP, Hexus, filehippo ans quite a few others and although they were updated daily i kind of jsut got bored of them after a while and stopped checking.

But the past few weeks its gotten really bad, i’ve even gone off and im starting to get bored of blogmad.

The only 2 sites i check religiously are my flickr and my blog. I know i’ve been busy with my project, but i still have the time to blog and browse, i just thing that maybe im getting bored of the interweb slightly, or at least many of the traditional sites where predictable news and stories, if i ever want to find something i jsut google it from firefox.

Its like i’m just bouncing around the net picking things up as i go, i much prefer to write a blog post or do something creative rather than read the same pages over.

At the moment I’d much prefering to learn a new type of programming or try out some software rather than hear spin about a graphics card or news of a new apple product i cant afford.

My tastes are changing, i dont think i will ever stop using the internet, but im using it in a different way to what i used to, more of a means of communication rather than news, maybe its like Atariboy2.0?

Is anyone else feeling this boredom with their regular sites or am i just going crazy?


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I’ve had another lazy day today.

I spent a good couple of hours writing my review of the Ergotron LX, its a bit of a shame that its only had 20 diggs tho :(

Couple of random links for you guys:

I could watch this page for hours!!

A wonderful bacon flavoured blog, very close to my heart

Stories of Stupid Tech support calls

A Dramatic Email Reading!

Why Vista wont suck – This preview details many of the new features coming in vista, if anything it made me want it more, and i will definatly be getting the Ultimate version, although (shush dont tell anyone) I prolly wont be paying for it!

I’ve also had another entry in the logo competition, one that is now very close to my heart:

Weekend Wonders

This weekend came so fast this week! Although i realised that i only have 3 weeks left before the uni open day for my project and i have a huge amount of things to sort out. Better get my finger out next week.

Yesterday i became an offical tester, which basically means that i provide feedback and report bugs i find on blogmad. I have a few invites going spare if anyone else wants to see what its all about.

Heres a blogpost from another tester (Paradox) about the launch of Blogmad, the bugs features and up coming improvements as well.

Yesterday i found an extension for firefox called Autohide, it basically allows you to make firefox “Fullfullscreen”, press F11 and all you will see on the screen is the webpage and a scroll bar if its a long page. Very useful for presentations or slideshows.
Download it here

I’ve got my girlfriend staying for the weekend so there might not be as many posts as usual, but i’ll try and get in 1 or 2 a day when shes asleep :P

Below are a couple of links to short clips from the extras of the Darkplace DVD for those of you who are fans. I found these on the forum of savedarkplace

I also noticed this morning that have upgraded their comment system to allow you to actually digg comments, or even anti-digg if you dont like them, so that only the positve comments come to the front :P

The IT Crowd Episode 5

Episode 5 is now online and avaiable for download here from the Channel 4 website.

It looks like channel 4 has listened to its viewers, and removed the DRM from this episode, although you need to be in the UK to download it from their website.

For Anyone outside the UK you can download Episode 5 from

IT Crowd HomepageDiggDownloadsScreencaps

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Crazy Wednesday

Its been pretty hecktic today, im going away for a long weekend tomorrow and so i’m trying to get everything done, along with my State space lecture about the “Kronecker Delta” (kinda pointless today tho: “2 does not = 0”) but i have loads of links and pages to share:

Sleeping bag coat thingy – Its basically a sleeping bag but in more of a human shape so you can walk around in it, stay warm and sleep pretty much where ever you like, i wouldnt be suprised if i saw one or two of these at reading festival.

Fancy myspace profile styles – Some CSS and HTML that makes a for a much prettier profile, i’ll try it out later if i get the time. – a site which has been design so that you dont need to click your mouse at all, takes a little getting used to, but its very clever, using flash i think.

Real Transformer Robot – Being a Robotics student, i cant help but marvel at the wonders of a robot that can drive along like a car and then stand up and walk around! (might be a bit slow from digg effect)

Open house spammers – Imagine if your email spam were a group of people, and they came to your house! (thanks gary)

Firefox review from a non-geek – Mike reviews firefox from the perspective of a non-geek ;)

The New order of blogging – Squash does an article on the change in blogging trends and the rise of, has a bit about me in it too!

Fear of Girls – A very funny google video, done in the same style as the Office and Extras, but about role playing nerds

Xbox live vid – Some 9 year old forgot to switch off his headset before argueing with his mommy. Its funny to laugh at spoilt american kids!

The Scrob wrote about me! – just a little post about me getting to the top of wordpress.

Firefox Extension Contest – the finalists were released yesterday and you can see, download and test them here.

I was also suggested a firefox extension for cocomment this morning, and i tried it out, its definatly better than the bookmarklet, but still not a perfect solultion, greasemonkey is still the best way to go for auto-cocommenting.

Just for the people watching, yesterday i had 14069 hits, and so far today i’ve had 6826.

I also have a new story on digg about my Songbird 0.1 Review

And it looks like technoratis search is down at the moment, maybe now they wil realise that i have 96 links, not 20!

Songbird Preview Released

Earlier today the guys at songbird released 0.1 alpha preview of songbird, the firsthint at what is hopefully gonig to be a great new music player. Its more of a proof of concept model rather than a full program, just to prove to the many doubters that songbird does exist. Its no-where near a finish produce, so you cant do any strict comparisons yet, but so far its looking good, and has a lot of potentional.

The first thing that jumps out at me is the GUI, similar to itunes, thats a good thing in my book, but black, suits my black ipod nano very nicely. Well designed , well placed buttons,and has all the usual media player buttons and functions, one thing i noticed missing was an equilizer, not sure if i couldnt find it, or if it was just not included in this preview. Most certainly the best looking media player in my opinion. It also comes with a second red skin:

And a miniplayer:

Being built on the firefox engine means that instantly Songbird has THE best builtin webbrowser, of any media player i have used, very fast and responsive, just like firefox. It will open pretty much any webpage, i havnt had any problems with it yet.

One of the best features i have found so far is that on any webpage with media items such as .mp3’s or .mpeg files, songbird opens a small menu below the page showing all availbe media on the page, and gives the option to play or download them all or individually, i havnt tried this out very much yet, but its perfect for saving videos embeded in webpages and mp3s from bands webpages with just a couple clicks:

Songbird also handles podcasts very well, allowing you to bookmark feeds from within the player and then have songbird periodly check and download them. Its a very web2.0 browser, and so already works with many web2.0 music services already. As more come along the extension system, much like firefox will allow songbird to be very customisable and extendable.

The extenions are also the most likely way that songbird will connect to your ipod, due to legal implications and problems, which have already been slowing songbird down, i dont think that apple will let the makers include ipod transefers and functionality but there is nothing to stop a third party creating an extension to do just that.

Another thing that i noticed without really meaning to is the excellent way songbird handles online music, i played the 70mb mp3 i posted about yesterday through songbird and was able to jump to anyway where in the song and within less than a second it was playing from that part of the song, i dont know this has been included in any other media players but i was very impressed with the smoothness of it, it didnt seem like i was streaming it from the net at all.

Being an Alpha release, Songbird 0.1 does have its fair share of bugs, we were warned it would be slow, bloated and crashy. And they met all those things, when you drag the window around it doesnt refresh quite quick enoguh, it takes a good 10 seconds to open from cold, and the first time i tried the search music function it crashed straight away, i’ve had about 15 crashes so far today whilst testing out all the different things and had to re-install it once as well. But i didnt expect it to be any different, most pre-release software these days that is made publicly availbe is a beta, pretty much ready for the public and been in development for ages. This is a real life alpha and you have to take it with a pinch of salt, its going to crash and burn, but this release is not ment to be used for everyday music playing, its to show the web what it might be like, and to get feedback on what they have so far.

I’m going to keep watching songbird as it progresses and hopefully it will take over from iTunes as my general music player in the summer when the Beta is scheduled for.

Unfortunatly the website – has been hit by the digg effect, and it struggling to keep up, so for a couple hours you may not be able to get on it, but it is a very good looking website. The graphic designers have been working hard on songbird, and it shows, the graphics on the site, and built into the player make it look very professional, and in this modern world, good looking programs do sell, i know there are a lot of hardcore geeks, often linux fans, who dont really care for the graphics, but there are tons more people who would choose a tasteful gui instead, and prolly wouldnt flame it so much.

I’ve been watching the songbirdnest blog since before xmas 2005, and the amount of flame and abusive comments they have had, many you can see on the digg story at the moment, jsut boggles the mind. Putting down a piece of software just because it looks nice (therefore uses a couple more mbs or RAM) is just petty.

I’ve been using Songbird for a good few hours now, and for playing music its jsut as good as everyother media player, it does everything that you’d expect, except the lack of equlizer at the moment. The only other serious thing i have noticed is that when importing my music, its all in .AAC and songbird does not see any of the artist or album labels that itunes does, im not sure if this is something itunes has done or an error in songbird, but i’ll look into.

You can download high-res screenshots from my Songbird flickr set.

Songbirdnest.comDigg storyProxy fix

Download (8mb) Mirror 1Mirror 2

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