Atariboy Logo Competition Relaunch

With one week to go until the deadline for the Logo competition closes i thought i would update everyone with the some changes and details.

I dont want Atari Logos, i’m sorry i didnt say this before, but i didnt realise it until every entry had an Atari logo on it, i dont want to worry about getting sued!

I’m looking for an icon/picture/visual representation similar to the firefox and songbird logos. Almost imagine it as a desktop icon for program called Atariboy.


Something like these popular ones is what im looking for. There is no need to include the name atariboy as i have the logo at the top with that in. I’m looking for a picture now.

There is still a week left

Closing Date: 12pm GMT 31st March 


You can view all the current entries in this flickr set: Logo Competition

Oh and i almost forgot… The PRIZE!!!

An Atari 2600 with 5 games and 2 controllers, plus a free t-shirt with the Atariboy Logo on it!



I’ve felt bloody terrible today, its been pretty stressful with uni and terrible housemates. Looks like my housemates who are sposed to sort out and pay the gas bill have not, and we may get our gas, and possibly electricity cut off.. fecking idiots, plus we’ll be charged over £330 for the privledge.

The worst thing is that it may affect MY credit rating! This got me pretty stressed, and the only response i have heard from the 2 who were sposed to paythe bill was… “We’ve already paid it”, now forgive me if i have missed something but i dont think British Gas would send out a letter saying we are being cut off if they had paid the bill!!!

Then i got an email saying that i have missed a number of labs and i have to go see my lecturer next week, or i may fail the lab coursework. Which just added to my stress!
So i’ve kind of loafed around and done nothing.

But i wasnt going to let the whole day go by without a blog, oh no.

Today both Darkplace and The IT Crowd DVDs were confirmed with release dates, and are availalbe for preorder on Amazon. Darkplace 7th July and The IT Crowd 9th October (very close to my birthday Hint! Hint!)

The Mirror for the IT Crowd episodes is having a bit of a bandwidth problem… They used up 1762GB of Bandwidth in the first 7 days!! So i thought i could get you guys to help him out by clicking a few of hits adverts or even giving him a small donation via paypal to help him keep the server up and the IT Crowd available to the whole world.
(Dont forget to disable Adblock!)

I’m going to be swanking it up in a hotel room like this in May for a wedding im going to with Lauren (all free of charge of course :P)

Check out this blog by Pedro Silva, he works for MSDN. It looks like they are developing something rather similar to “Visual Assembly” (my final year project, the website needs updating tho) as an add-on to Visual Studio 2005 called DSL Tools, (No not Damn Small Linux) its short for Domain-Specific Language Tools.

Its pretty cool that im actually doing something that microsoft considers a valid software concept, although im sure theirs will be much better than mine!

You might have noticed that i have a new link in my affiliates section: ThinkGeek, this is an awsome webshop, i would buy soo much from there if i lived in the US, namely Jolt Cola and the really cool mugs and t-shirts!

So if you feel like checking it out, i think i get 7% if you buy anything from them after clicking my link. Already made £3!
Check out this shot of my dinner yesterday:

A nice healthy 5 Bits of extra thick bacon all covered in melted cheese!

I recevied a little gift from Ergotron today as well, which will be getting a fullon review here tomorrow, heres a sneak peak picture, and the fancy camera i used to take some of the photos with:

I’ve also nearly finished Download Vista, and in Uni today downloaded a Ubuntu Live CD in 2 mins (40Mb Connection), so if i get board over the weekend then i might end up doing a bit of OS tinkering.

Oh and a reminder that there is now 2 weeks left in the Atariboy Logo competition, didnt want you to forget now :P
Keep you eyes open tomorrow for a possible Firefox 2 Alpha release as well ;)

And my technorati rank has gone up again: 7,273

Atariboy Logo Competition

After designing my little badge, i decided that i want to get an Atariboy T-shirt, but my photoshopping is pretty poor, so i thought what better way to get a new logo than to open it up to everyone, so let me introduce you to…

The Atariboy Logo Competition

The only rule is that it must contain the word Atariboy, other than that its completely up to you.

The winning entry will be made into a t-shirt, hoodie and Trucker hat which will be available to buy on, the winning designer will recieve a free t-shirt, and more importantly the GRAND prize, which no real geek could live without.

Once a week i’ll put all the new entrys in a post too, so you can see the entries so far.
(Yes there is really is a prize worth winning, but you’ll have to wait to see what it is, trust me its good :P)
The Deadline is 31st March ’06

Email entries to

All the current entries can be found in this flickr set


Blog Mad has gone live with a public beta today, an i have to say its incredibly addictive!

I’ve already accumlated 20 points from browsing other peoples blogs and bought a lottery ticket to win 700 crdits :P

I’m hoping to improve my rank to junior by the end of today, i’ll update on how much extra traffic im getting from it in a few hours.

Vote for Atariboy HERE

Sign up here:

Spread Firefox

I dont know why i haven’t done this before!? I love firefox and i have set up my whole family, all of my housemates and friends with it, and non of them have ever gone back to Internet explorer.

Today i signed up to the affiliate program. So basically i get a point every time someone clicks on the pic below, for every click i get a point, and points mean prizes :)

Bargin hosting deal

I’ve managed to get a deal and a half for all my readers:

20GB of webspace (increases by 160mb a week)

1TB of bandwidth a month (increases by 8GB a week)

A free .com Domain name, plus PHP, Jabber IM, MySQL and one-click WordPress setup as well.
This would usually be $120, but if you use the promo code: ATARIBOY

then it only costs $32 for a whole year, thats only £18.60
Click here for more details, Be sure to choose 1 year pre-payment at level one (Crazy Domain Insane)

Need any help? Just email me: