Time for my big announcement….

Together with Dan from Technocrat, I've been working on a new Geek Team Blog. I'll be posting most of my geek and technical stuff over there and will become more of a personal blog concentrating on Photography, my life, blogging and more general things.

We have a nice handful of great bloggers on the Team including Jeff from Teknokool and Jens from Zhooibaal with more coming within the week.

We did have a geek girl but she seems to have disappeared, so if any of you ladies are up to the challenge then drop me an email.

Does this mean the end of Atariboy at wordpress?


I've taken to blogging like a duck to a special duck filled blogging pond, along with fixing computers, blogging is something that I feel I'm really quite good at. is a way to expand my blogging and seperate it out into geek stuff and photography and more personal things so that the geeks can just read the geeky stuff if they like.

We have also added a select amount of adsense, none on the front page, just if you go to read some of the more indepth articles, so hopefully I can earn a little money from blogging as well.

So check it out, the theme is the only thing left to do, we are planning a custom theme made especially for

We'd love some feedback, comments and suggestions, there are lots of posts coming over the next week or so, hopefully you'll see us on the digg front page!

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Dual Monitors

It finally arrived at 9am this morning, of course i started setting it up straight away. I loved my Hyundia 19″ CRT, but the new Samsung 930BF makes it look blurry and dull. The picture quality is stunning, vibrant colours and sharp edges, makes me wonder how i ever coped before, no wonder i was getting headaches from my old screen.

Setup was very easy, just plugged in the DVI cable and the power, turned it on and it worked, and in windows its just a case of choosing to extend the windows desktop across onto the second.

For anyone whos wondering, to set a wallpaper to extend across both screens set the position to “Tile”.

This is the first time i’ve properly used two screens in windows, its a refreshing experience. Being able to watch a film or episode of simpsons on one screen whilst blogging or chatting on msn. At the moment i have 2 firefox windows open, one on each screen.

I’ve only tried one game so far, the magnificent Day of Defeat. The graphics look even better, sharper and clearer and the colours look fantastic, and thanks to a response time of 4ms the is no ghosting what so ever.
I’m very happy with it, although it does make me want to buy another one to replace my CRT, but im pretty skint now!

Oh and i got a free game too: Myst V: End of Ages

Gaming Food

Well my screen didnt turn up today, mainly because the people at parcel force are idiots, they couldnt work out where i live from my postcode?! Havnt they heard of google maps?

So that pissed me off and i went out and bought a lod of nice food and drinks and I’m setting myself up for a night of Day of Defeat with mike:

The cans are “Relentless” a caffine energy drink like red bull but come in half litre cans, really good stuff, should keep me alert later, next best thing to jolt cola, and the crisps are 14 packets of walkers cheese and onion, damn tasty, should last about a day :P

The Diddi Donuts are little donut balls with a tiny bit of jam in them, they are already eaten, little bit disappointing tho. And the Dairylea is 16 slices of processed cheese, i’ve got 2 packets because i love it so much.

I swear if i didnt have such a rediculously high matabalism i’d be soooo fat, but as it is i have a body fat index of 6%!!

Let the gaming begin!!

Links to all the pictures here on my flickr

Start of the weekend

I do love being a student… thursday evening and its the start of my weekend. I’m shopping around for a 19″ monitor for about £200, send any deals my way :P and my parents are helping me out with it so i only have to pay half.

Mike finally got a graphics card (ATi 9550), so we have been playing Day of Defeat for hours, with teamspeak too, it definatly adds another level to the game, makes it so much more team based.

I went out to PC world with Jo, Andrew and Mike earlier… its a huge one at the edge of town, i could have spent all day walking around there, so much stuff, although its all at least 10% more expensive than on the interweb.

Thinking i’ve got to get another C# book as well, to help me out with my programming, espeically mouse movements and classes, but the books in PC world were £30, a little bit much, so i’ll have a look online.

I’m also looking into java, Gary my coursemate is thinking of controlling his robot with a PDA, and java would be easy to put on it, and as it is a lot like C#, and he cant program to save his life!, i may help him out a lot, and in return get a rather tasty java book for free, and some very nice things to put on my CV too.

This weekend i’m going to be working hard on my program, with regions, context menus and custom dialogs, but that would only make sense to a programmer! I’m feeling quite confident about it, i should be able to get everything asked of me done by this weekend, so i can start adding extra credit bits next week.

Only got one link today.. A banned advert for mortal combat which i thought was cool, not as good as the banned xbox ones tho.

Oh and technorati updated finally, the rank of this blog is now: 9,969!!